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  • Summary: The London, England band's fourth LP finds them stripping away some of the layers (and extra musicians) found on previous outings for a more organic trip-hop approach.
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  1. There’s something that lifts the music of Laika above its essentials: A balance of melancholy and sobriety.
  2. Wherever I Am, I Am What's Missing remains grounded in electronic composition, but the subtle distinctions between spacy trip-hop epics (see "Diamonds and Stones) and booty-shaking dance-floor numbers help to keep the band's dynamic fresh, even after ten years.
  3. Wherever I Am I Am What's Missing is a very nice album at times, but it's hardly a progression of Laika's sound, as there are moments where it sorely lacks the adventurousness they've shown in years past.
  4. The songwriting here is less striking than that showcased on recent best of. [Dec 2003, p.130]
  5. Twilight listening of this ilk can teeter dangerously on the ledge of snoozedom, but anyone who can manage to drop off during this album's many unnerving and often hyperactive moments is going to have some damn weird dreams.
  6. Laika's typically airy atmosphere sounds more sterilized this time around.
  7. Ultimately, Laika make pleasant music that's difficult to be passionate about.

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  1. MartinF
    Feb 9, 2004
    While it lacks a standout track on par with the last album's breathtaking "Uneasy," it's still Laika's most consistant album to date, and they still make spacey/ slinky/ sexy triphop like it was still fashiohnable, God bless 'em. ONe of the best (and sadly most overlooked) albums of '03. Expand