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  • Summary: The British alternative rock band's its eleventh album was produced by Martin Glover.
  • Record Label: The End
  • Genre(s): Pop/Rock, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, British Trad Rock
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Score distribution:
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  1. It's recognizably the Charlatans--it's hard to disguise Tim Burgess's laconic drawl or the light psychedelic pull of his melodies--but they're unexpectedly abandoning their dad-rock handbook and taking risks, winding with their freshest, best album since they traded the Happy Mondays for the Rolling Stones.
  2. 80
    Premiership stuff! [Sep 2010, p.103]
  3. These are warm, appealing tunes with no false bluster or crass anthemism, light years ahead of the bombastic drivel certain peers have offered up this year. The Charlatans are old fashioned, maybe even a little antiquated. But are they past it as songwriters? No way.
  4. The Charlatans have never been afraid to fail, which makes it all the more pleasant when they succeed. Who We Touch isn't exactly an easy album to sink into, but it gets less weedy with each listen.
  5. 60
    The Charlatans make commendable attempts to expand their creative horizons. [Oct 2010, p.88]
  6. Who We Touch works best when the band revels in their sense of adventure, but it suffers dramatically when overtly appealing to days gone by.
  7. Though the band sound in reasonably good form and the album shows how much Burgess has developed as a singer over the years, overall the songs themselves are just not strong enough. The Charlatans don't touch us this time.

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