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  1. Wild Mountain Nation keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time and it’s a fine piece of music.
  2. If you're down with the diversity and can sit still while the band tears through every idea it has left, Wild Mountain Nation is a revelation from beginning to end.
  3. A surprising record and a mess of contradictions--an okay band making a great record, classic rock songcraft made contemporary through sheer force of will, a quiet and loud album simultaneously, dancing along the lo-fi/hi-fi binary, a fucking record about Appalachia made by dudes from Portland!--that thrillingly, thinly, radiantly congeals.
  4. If musical adventurousness and short attention spans are viewed as positive attributes, then these 13 short songs offer ample rewards.
  5. Wild Mountain Nation stands alone as something of interest and disregard to the normal guidelines and restrictions in guitar pop.
  6. With Wild Mountain Nation they present a raucous and varied constellation of souvenirs, rough-hewn but lush, crackling with a weird and lucid energy.
  7. Thirteen songs of to-ing and fro-ing should leave anyone exhausted, but somehow this band's wide-eyed, sweaty-browed energy--the sound of indie rock with a heart full of adrenalin and affection--keeps on pumping the blood.
  8. Part of the album's appeal is its lo-fi production values. These songs are clearly built on analog four-track recordings and then embellished with overdubs.
  9. Easy to hate and easy to love.
  10. One thing the album does not suffer from is a lack of ideas. In fact, it sounds like the band has crammed each song with sounds, licks, rhythm shifts, basically anything they could come up with, hoping to manufacture inspiration from creativity.
  11. Wild Mountain Nation is indeed a rare gift--a music reviewer’s dream come true.

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