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  • Summary: Vancouver singer/songwriter Stephen McBean returns as the main musical mastermind behind this psychedelic rock outfit, combining stoner metal with dreamy pop.
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The Hair Song
Young pretty hair, oh how'd you grow there What it is, what it is? Ain't no wonder at all You clung to your cloud and devoured your wealth Like it... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. Rather than adhering to type, Black Mountain now have a catalogue of songs that respect and rival their influences.
  2. Previous albums saw the band go for a murkier, more spaced-out vibe, but this time it's more about concision and songs.
  3. It's these hints of darkness, together with an ability to take on several differing styles of music in the course of one album, that make Black Mountain such a compelling listen. They remain a captivating proposition, with an arsenal of powerful riffs now at their disposal.
  4. For an album that presents a more assured, swaggering Black Mountain, it's a minor disappointment that Wilderness Heart doesn't so much climax as gradually wind down, without a show-stopping finale to crown the victory lap. But even in their quietest moments, the band can still leave you unsettled.
  5. BM have upped their ante with Wilderness Heart by concentrating more on excellent songwriting and close-cornered arranging than sprawling heavy rock bacchanalia.
  6. Taken individually, the songs are beefy enough to satisfy stoner-rock munchies, but as an album, Heart is hardly cohesive.
  7. If only the album lived up to the awesomeness of its album cover. The band's willingness to shake up their own sound so early in their development is admirable, but the its decision to move the sound to a more generic direction is a major drag.

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