Wilderness Heart - Black Mountain
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  • Summary: Vancouver singer/songwriter Stephen McBean returns as the main musical mastermind behind this psychedelic rock outfit, combining stoner metal with dreamy pop.
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  1. Wilderness Heart is probably the best new utilization of the Iommi/Page/Lynott grab bag you'll hear because, to put it simply, it's going to appeal to men AND women.
  2. Previous albums saw the band go for a murkier, more spaced-out vibe, but this time it's more about concision and songs.
  3. 80
    It's not easy to make Sabbath-style proto-metal sound fresh, but Black Mountain have a way of writing songs that go to the places you hope they will without descending into cliche. [Oct. 2010, p. 92]
  4. Black Mountain understand their chosen form better than any other contemporary stoner rock bands still running.
  5. This album, like their previous two, has one moment of utterly triumphant rock Valhalla amidst a bunch of pretty good retro-soaked poses.
  6. 60
    An interim record before their next assault, perhaps. [Oct 2010, p.87]
  7. While this might be an album modeled after early Led Zeppelin, they lack Zeppelin's lightness of touch on the acoustic numbers. Still, there's nothing to disappoint, even if Wilderness Heart never quite scales the peaks of the band's wondrous live performances.

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