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  1. A band as talented and enjoyable as Clinic should be allowed to distill and advance their sound without getting tarred with the brush of stagnancy.
  2. What makes Winchester Cathedral stick out amongst their previous works, and make it their best release since Internal Wrangler, is a willingness to explore, albeit briefly, the previously malnourished middle ground between their seemingly two-speed approach.
  3. Here, their structures adamantly circular and their tunes less catchy but more durable, they make dandy mystagogues on an album that begins inarticulate and attains the nirvana of total nonverbality.
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  1. MatthewS
    Nov 17, 2005
    Clinic might sound the same album to album to some, but this is only half true. This album still rocks an sways in a manner only Clinic can pull off, incorporating elements of Surf Rock, Doo Wop, Punk, Noise, and this time European Folk into something quite uniquely them. In that sense it is quite unfair to discredit them for doing what they've always done, because they have always been original. Full Review »
  2. JesseS
    Oct 18, 2004
    Clinic sound like a menacing Liverpoolian Girls Against Boys, but more stripped down, eerie, and with a distinct indie home-on-the-range English sensibility. It doesn't make a lot of sense but comes together quite nicely. Unlike the general consensus, I like this one better than "Internal Wrangler". Full Review »