Without Your Love


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  1. Jun 28, 2013
    More often than not, those organic sounds [dusty record pops, nocturnal nature recordings, tape hiss, distant car radios, bleeping busy signals, and street noise] feel like the music's most relatable characteristics, providing moments of unpredictability and liveliness to an album which paints almost exclusively with monochrome hues.
  2. 40
    Ultimately it feels short on substance, with the sort of atmosphere that can drain through your fingers.
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  1. Jul 4, 2013
    The album is dark. So dark that the album packaging itself reflects this. The front and back covers are black with grey writing that makes itThe album is dark. So dark that the album packaging itself reflects this. The front and back covers are black with grey writing that makes it hard to see, and if you squint at the front cover, then you can make out trees; the album is a thick fog concealing it's centre. The album feels very discreet though, because of this fog, for it is reflected in the music.

    The ambient sounds of children and birds, simple sounds that will encounter in life become haunting in the production on the songs within Without Your Love. oOoOO's previous work has been dark on his previous E.P's, but on this full-length, he really captures a certain aspect of beauty within the music and it feels very calming at points, especially at the end of "Sirens" and the last song "Across a Sea".

    This chilling sounds infects "Stay Here" but spreads itself out over the rest of the album, in a way that makes the songs feel similar, but you know that they are different songs. This is a bit troublesome because on the one hand I'm thinking, "Hold on, haven't I just heard this?" contrasted with "This album actually really well together because of this." It has flow. The desolate synths create a sense of loneliness and the deep bass creates a party where there is no light, just people dancing blindly.

    I like the vocal cuttings on "3:51 am", and I wish there was more on the album, but we do get some very eerie reversed vocals on "Crossed Wires" which work very well.

    The "Witch House" micro-genre or whatever people call it seems to, with this album, be dying. This album really sees to kill it off in the best way possible. I feel that this album is the start of what is to come out of the ashes of "Witch House", and I will be interested to see what happens with Dark Electronic music. It has the gloom, and it has the depressive oppressive sound that you can crave for. It's not in your face, but it is brilliant subtlety. Your friend won't, on first listen, or even on a passing listen be blown away, but he will be haunted by it, he will fall into it's awe. You won't to hand this to a friend and say, "You know what, try this."
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