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  • Summary: The second studio album for the Berkeley group was produced with Bangladesh and the group's own Young L.
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  1. 70
    With ridiculous Auto-Tuned hooks, filthy lyrics ("Bustin' on your ass / Can't believe I said that / Never been a racist / I left her with a wet back"), and jittery beats from Young L and the Cataracts, it's worth putting your name on the guest list.
  2. If you can focus more on the beats and not so much on the words the overall experience improves, but even then it still tends to be monotonous.
  3. With a slow, minimal style similar to producer Bangladesh, the Pac''s Young L handles most of the production on the album, delivering beats that favor impact over density.
  4. As a whole, the harder Wolfpack Party tries to be a fun party record, the more forced it feels. And as solid as L's beats are, they can't stand up on their own.
  5. It's a shame how tremendously one-note Wolfpack Party turned out, considering the strong talents and personalities of Lil' B and Young L.