Women and Children Last...And Revenge Was the Main Course Image

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  • Band members: Wednesday 13, Joey Jordison
  • Summary: The band from Hollywood, California, returns from hiatus to release its second album.
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  1. Willfully schlocky, surprising witty. [Sep 2010, p.113]
  2. Very few bands could come back from such a long break and still create a follow-up album that is even better than its predecessor. Joey Jordison and Wednesday 13 have done just that, and in doing so, left fans desperately hoping that they won't have to wait eight years for the third album to come out.
  3. All your usual horror and metal needs are catered for, although according to Wednesday 13 the lyrics are more personal this time round.
  4. On Women And Children Last, the Murderdolls retain the same sense of big, dumb fun they had before, but this time around the more knowingly vicious elements makes it an even more invigorating ride. [14 Aug 2010, p.48]
  5. If you were figuring that the Murderdolls were going to expand musically upon what they laid down on their debut album, Women and Children Last will prove your assumption wrong--they're sticking as close to their original vision as possible.
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  1. Nov 2, 2010
    The band is known for it's core duo of Wednesday 13 and Joey Jordison (Of Slipknot Fame). The band definitely should be more popular than what it is and hopefully Women & Children last will prove this correct. The album starts with a simple but intriguing intro and goes into an exciting fusion of pummeling guitar riffs, earth riveting drums and, Vocals that can only be compared with other top shock rockers like Rob Zombie. They lyrics and music are a step up from their first album "Beyond The Valley of The Murderdolls" released in 2002. The eight years have molded a band that was purely tongue in cheek lyrics with music behind it into lyrics with impressive tongue in cheek mixed with personal feelings and well put together music. Stand outs on this album include: Drug me to Hell, Nowhere, Summertime Suicide, and Pieces of You. Expand