Work (Work, Work)


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  1. The Wire
    Dec 8, 2011
    Work (work, work) is a sophisticated response to a reality paralyzed by consumerism. [dec 2011, p.56]
  2. Nov 3, 2011
    On the whole, though, these songs are at their best when grounded in low region trickery: rumbles, clipping sounds, droplets, shudders, judders and all manner of absorbed low freak-uency eeriness, as exhilaratingly creepy as anything offered up by trip-hop's most skilled practitioners.
  3. Oct 4, 2011
    It may not be exciting, per se, but it speaks to the ultimate appeal of Work (work, work); even in its drugged-up, mournful state, it holds your gaze.
  4. Uncut
    Oct 3, 2011
    Work is less dramatically monochrome than HTRK's debut, the Coil-like angst replaced with a more subtle existential uncertainty. [Oct 2011, p.89]
  5. Sep 28, 2011
    As a mood piece, there are poignant moments, but nothing resembling a clear emotional statement.
  6. Sep 28, 2011
    Work (work, work) is a desolate, urban lullaby, deceptively simple and definitely suffocating, but worth a little immersion.
  7. 60
    Continuing a penchant for darkness established on 2009's 'Marry Me Tonight', Work (Work, Work) is probably as grim a sounding record as you're likely to hear.
  8. Sep 28, 2011
    There's nothing especially bad here, but once the smoke clears from their bland, bassed-out ambiance, HTRK are another band without a sound to call their own.
  9. Sep 28, 2011
    Work (work, work) sounds more like a laborious task than a bracing trip into emotional bedlam and sexual anarchy.
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  1. Jun 12, 2012
    It seems that this band has been inspired by the shoegaze scene and the last hyped "witch house" musical gender. full of dark vibes, it isIt seems that this band has been inspired by the shoegaze scene and the last hyped "witch house" musical gender. full of dark vibes, it is slow, with lot´s of reverd on guitars and voices. It can sounds to "My Bloody Valentine" meets "Ladytron". You feel a little bit melancolic, listening to these obscur & existencial songs, maybe frustrated because of the lack of upbeat rythm. But finally it´s nice, interesting, because after several listens, you really feel the sadness of each tracks (And you can dance to it like the gothic people did in the 80´s!!!). The synths are sick, the lyrics are evasive and finally you feel lost into this dirty wall of sound. When minimalism gives you a punch to your head. No, i´m not talking about punk music. Something sad & low, a new gender that few people know... Full Review »