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  • Summary: The third album for the R&B singer features songs produced by Stargate, Stereotypes, and Polow da Don.
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  1. It's no surprise that Ne-Yo sings about women on his excellent third album, Year of the Gentleman.
  2. On his third disc in as many years, the 28-year-old Southerner with the Michael Jackson falsetto not only wears his heart on his sleeve, he lets it bleed down his (no doubt high-thread-count) cuff.
  3. Ne-Yo's fantastic third CD, The Year of the Gentleman, reconfigures "grown and sexy" by detailing relationships with an often uneasy mix of heartache, reflection, wit, lust, and resignation.
  4. 80
    Ne-Yo is a stronger, more confident man than the one many remember licking his wounds on 'So Sick' from his debut album "In My Own Words" and 'Do You' from 2007’s "Because of You."
  5. It's Shaffer's writing, rather than Ne-Yo's singing (and the distinction between the personas is one he's made himself), which elevates this collection beyond those of his peers.
  6. [He said] wanted to take a different direction on Year of the Gentleman. However, it seems he still has a heavy--yet welcome--case of the (rhythm and) blues on the finished product.
  7. With his latest, Ne-Yo's winning groove devolves into a rut, and his quiet storm gets awfully sleepy

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Score distribution:
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