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  1. Feb 23, 2014
    Well there are 2 kind of people in the matter of Yeezus .... the sane and insane people and of course people who think Yeezus is a masterpiece are sane ...... This album is beyond description and until now it's the best album in the new millennium!
  2. Aug 31, 2013
    This album is really an album that you need to let sit. When I first played this, I didn't know what to think, their was definite disappointment but I knew I was missing something with this project. It wasn't till I had played this album, probably a good 10 times that it really all sank in. As a person that loves music, I always tell people to judge music based on what it's suppose to be NOT what you want it to be, with that being said this is not an awful project. Kanye brought "Industrial Hip-Hop" to a new limelight with this album. I want to start off by saying NOTHING Kanye did on this album, hasn't be done before and that's really the biggest misconception with this album. Artists like El-P and groups like Death Grips have all been making music like this for some time now so Kanye is not the first person to make music like this. Now that, that's cleared let me get into the album.

    The production is well done for the most part. If the majority of music you listen to is strictly Hip-Hop I advise you to not let this type of production throw you off on your first or even 2nd or 3rd listen. The sounds are abstract and even weird but they work in perspective of what Kanye is attempting to do (or at least for the most part). Songs like I'm In It, Send It Up or even Blood On The Leaves which have very hard hitting bases with abstract horns and sirens, it's really a lot to soak in at first put like I said in my opening paragraph, you have to let this album sit. Now while Kanye's production did work in a lot of ways, it also failed in some ways as well. Songs like I Am God where I feel like I'm hearing this hard hitting bass with some toned down horns that really don't go together at all. Or a song like Hold My Liquor which unlike the rest of the album has a very clam and soothing beat, that's until the annoying horn that comes in every other bar in the verses. Overall I understand the direction sound wise Kanye was going with this and while some aspects of it could of been done better for the most part it's solid.

    Now on to the weakest link of the whole album, the writing. Let me start off by saying while everyone praises Kanye for being an incredible writer/poet the writing on Yeezus is far from great. It's very questionable at some points especially in songs like I'm In It where he has quotable like "eating Asian all I need is sweet and sour sauce" or "Black girl sippin white whine, I put my fist in her like the civil rights sign". Bars like these are kind of tossed throughout the album and does raise awareness when I do generally believe Kanye is a good writer and is very capable of writing better than this. The lyrics don't derail the album to much but it does go to show that this album is far from perfect.

    Overall, I praise Kanye for going in this direction, for bringing this type of hip hop to the mainstream level. It was a risk and I'm sure he was aware of the mixed reviews he would receive for doing so. This project was a decent attempt for going for a Industrial Hip-Hop sounding album, point being that their are artists out there that have made music like this but of much higher quality. I feel like critics pay attention to much to how the album was made rather than the music itself. On the other hand I feel like Hip-Hop listeners are so caught up in the fact that it sounds different that they don't even give it a chance. Like I said decent effort from Kanye, They're artists out there that have done this much better before, giving this a 6/10.
  3. Aug 23, 2013
    Yeezus is the sixth solo studio album from Chicago hip-hop artist Kanye West. He has had his fair share of up's, (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Late Registration), and down's, (808's and Heartbreak, Cruel Summer). Yeezus has to fall into the second category with the downs.

    When I first saw the track listing, I thought it was a joke. There were few features and none of them looked
    good on paper. Specifically I'm talking about the Chief Keef and King L features. Why on Earth did Kanye get these artists on his album, when he can obtain any feature he wants? Now I know a lot of people will argue that it's because they originated in Chicago like Kanye. Well then why didn't he get Lupe Fiasco, Common, or even Chance the Rapper? Was it because "Touch the Sky" and "Don't Stop", which both feature Fiasco were horrible, (that was complete sarcasm). I mean Kanye has already done a song with Chief Keef, and made Keef's song way more popular than it was. Chief Keef then goes on to say that Kanye didn't help him get popular at all. So pretty much Chief Keef says screw you and you decide to work with him. Brilliant.

    As I was saying the features don't add anything at all. I didn't even know that Frank Ocean was on "New Slaves". Chief Keef's feature is horrendous and full of auto-tune which sounds horrible. Kid Cudi does better than he normally does, but that isn't saying much. King Louie is one of the best features on the album, and if that isn't an indication that the features are weak, I don't know what is. Justin Vernon is alright, but he doesn't have the same presence that he did on MBDTF.

    The beats are different and very electronic. I don't hate them, they are kind of enjoyable. Once again though, I prefer more soulful production that Kanye has done. That probably explains why I love the last track on this album "Bound 2". Black Skinhead's beat is fantastic and makes me want to punch a wall. All of the beats provided from Daft Punk are fantastic except for parts on "On Sight". The beat for his verses are too annoying and repetitive. The hook was pretty good though. I didn't like two beats in particular though. The beat for "Guilt Trip" just sounds very generic, and the beat on "Send It Up" gets annoying after awhile. "Guilt Trip" samples "Blocka" by Pusha T, and is a horrible song to sample. It didn't even come close to giving me the same thrill that a song like "Power" did, which sampled King Crimson.

    Lyrics are just irrelevant here for the most part. Lines like "Black dick all in your spouse again", "But I gotta put my dick in her mouth", and "eating Asian p*ssy all I need was sweet and sour sauce" all sound like Lil Wayne lyrics and a line like "get this b*tch shaking like Parkinson's" sounds like a Tyler the Creator punch line used for shock value. Why Kanye steps down to this level of lyricism is beyond me. A song which I love "Blood on the Leaves" still gets complaints from me. It has auto-tune in the beginning which sounds horrible. While using auto-tune he is rapping about Molly. Okay Trinidad West. I have read that Kanye had to rush and write two songs in a day or two and it clearly shows with sloppy lyrics. I bet that the lyrics on "I Am A God" was one of those songs. "I just talked to Jesus. He said what up Yeezus." How weak is that? A song like "I'm in it" is just filled with sexual imagery. Typically I would have a problem with this, but Kanye has proven he can make a song like this with "Hell of a Life". Unfortunately, "I'm in It" just sounds like a generic rap song that will be forgotten about, if it is even remembered in the first place.

    It's safe to say that I am a huge Kanye fan. He is one of my favorite hip-hop artists ever, but when he puts out a weak product I have to call him out for the weak effort. "Cruel Summer" and "Yeezus" are two of the weakest projects that Kanye has worked on. Kim Kardashian needs to stop consuming Kanye's life. Maybe Kanye should go back to dating Amber Rose, (sorry Wiz).
  4. Jun 19, 2013
    "I just talked to Jesus, he said what up Yeezus"."I said, s**t I'm chilling". This line of the third track "I Am God" gives you an idea what to expect for the rest of the album. This is probably Kanye's most intense album represented in tracks like "Black Skinhead" and "New Slaves" which are some of the records better songs. It feels like he sampled a little bit of his past works and sprinkled it all over something different. On "Blood On The Leaves" and more so "Guilt Trip"it could have been strait off 808 and Heatbreak. But in strange way it still felt original and stayed true to the tone of the album. The last track "Bound 2" had the production of something similar to of what you would have seen on The College Dropout. It's the albums best song in my opinion because has its "old school" beat just to be changed to a synthesized sound in the middle of the track. As a whole project it felt a little incoherent, like he didn't know how he wanted his album to sound as a whole. It's also it's possible that was done on purpose just too have that distinctive sound that the album achieves. Theirs not any songs that I don't like, that's not to say that there aren't weaker songs. Tracks like "On Sight" and "Guilt Trip" come up a little short in comparison to the other ones. This is a nice addition to Kanye's discography, not as good as say MBDTF but its still a solid project. I find it strange that he only kept it to 10 tracks, reasons aside go ahead and buy the album. If you didn't like 808 and heartbreak you'll probably find some songs hard to listen to. Regardless Kanye did a good job on this one.

  5. Jul 18, 2013
    This album is incredible. Kanye will never top it. He's one of the biggest artists in the world and has made an album that could have been made on some indie Chicago label. In saying that, the production quality on the album is phenomenal. Kanye has managed to make a record that is unmistakably his own despite being outnumbered hugely by collaborators. I honestly cannot think of another album I've devoted more time to, and that's its defining quality.

    It has to be noted that this is the record that most effectively parodies the #madrichalert culture that has produced so much appalling radio friendly hip-hop. He may or may not be slightly serious in thinking that he's a god, but he's got the greatest claim to be and he seems to be the only rapper around that doesn't care despite that. This has to be the perfect record to define everything that's good about music right now because of that.
  6. Jun 18, 2013
    This album is very different and this adds to the fact that Kanye West has brilliant originality. The beats were absolutely brilliant but the lyrics were below par. This is an exciting project but is definitely not Kanye's best album. I thought he was too experimental and just over thought on this album.
  7. Jun 19, 2013
    I am tempted to rate this album higher, but it does tail off towards the end. The first few songs are simply magnificent. If Kanye had kept the quality of the first few songs for the entire ten, this would be a hip-hop masterpiece. Is it MDBTF? No, but it is something different and enjoyable.

    For anyone pining for the eighteen track albums of old, keep in mind you're getting about
    four lower quality tracks and about four interludes as part of that eighteen. Ten is about right, IMO. See Nas' Illmatic for examples of this. Expand
  8. Jun 19, 2013
    This album is amazing except for the first song, which starts the entire ordeal on a sour note. However, by the time "Hold my liquor" is reached, the album has reached it's epitome, and ending the album on "Bound 2" was hands down an excellent choice. Perfect.
  9. Jun 19, 2013
    It is hard to follow up what is arguably one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time. Kayne gave it is best go with Yeezus. A lot of variation in ratings shows the high expectation of Yeezus, and it probably fell short of what I expected, but was still a very high quality album.
  10. Jun 19, 2013
    Anyone who expects this album to be as good or better than MBDTF is obviously going to be disappointed. But anyone who says this isnt anything knew is obviously lying. It takes production elements from all his previous albums and mixes them together in just 40 minutes. Although the lyrics might not be as good as what we have come to expect from 'Ye they are still better than pretty much every other artist alive today and he does tackle some serious themes throughout the recording. This album isn't an easy listen and it wont click the first time you hear it, it takes perseverance and time to start to like this album, but after a few listens you will really start to see the genius of 'Yeezus'. Expand
  11. Jun 21, 2013
    This albums so special, it really is masterpiece with the mix of electronic beats and dark aura with Yeezy's lyrics cutting deep making it uniquely amazing. This is the start of the revival of Rap with J.Cole, Wale, Jay-Z and Drake to follow.
  12. Jun 24, 2013
    Feels rushed & very raw Underwhelming to say the least. I can respect him going in new directions but I feel that has far overreached here. Kanye is an amazing producer but an average lyricist & below average singer.
  13. Jun 25, 2013
    Kanye is great because he does what he wants, because he's an egomaniac with a stunning gift for writing both beats and rhymes. Every album has been a different extension of his genius mixed with a facet of his personality. If My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was his expression of celebrity and intimate feelings, then Yeezus is Kanye at the VMAs, telling Taylor Swift that Beyonce was better. This album is Kanye screaming at the world, ego inflated, that whatever he does is a masterpiece because only HE can pull it off.

    Yeezus, the title, suggests this. It's an obvious allusion to Jesus, who by the words of the Bible could do things others could not. This is Yeezus. It's Kanye doing what others can't. He took a synth and turned it into a dark, grinding, acidic extension of his ego.

    However, this album isn't all dark grit and grind. I personally think "Bound 2" belongs more on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in terms of stylistic qualities, but its beautiful sampling and clever lyrics will not be depricated in the slightest by being a part of this album. It might be my favorite song Kanye has ever made, it's that good.

    If you have an open mind, you'll enjoy this album. It takes two or three listens to really get a grasp on what Kanye was trying to do here; however, once this has been achieved, this album is brilliant in its own right.

    This isn't My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. This is more ambitious, more egotistical, more narcissistic. Not every can produce M.B.D.T.F. (a classic, mind you) every album. This is about as close to a great repeat effort as one can be. It's a great album. IF there's one thing we know about Kanye, ti's that he doesn't think he has a ceiling. This album is a reflection of that.

    Enjoy it.
  14. Jun 26, 2013
    When I first heard this album, I was like "WTF is this Ye?". The 2nd time I heard it, I thought "okay this isn't too bad".

    And then something strange happened. I was in the same boat as others wanting that "classic" Kanye back for a while. Those soulful, sped up samples that created his signature style. But then I went back and listened to College Dropout, Late Registration and
    Graduation....and then I went back and listened to Yeezus, and got this Yeezus filled me with an energy that those past albums couldn't touch. Those were all great albums (I also really enjoyed 808 and MBDTF), but Yeezus is clearly in another league in terms of the emotion and feeling you receive from it.

    And this is where I realized that what separates Kanye from other artists, lets just use Jay Z as an example, is that Kanye is constantly pushing hip hop to new heights and barriers. While Jay Z plays the conservative people what they want to hear, Kanye gives people music that they didn't realize they wanted to hear. I remember a quote by Steve Jobs, when asked why Apple doesn't do a lot of consumer research (compared to Samsung, MSFT, etc...) and his reply was "Because people don't know what they want".

    I feel Kanye has the same approach. A creative innovator like Kanye isn't just going to give us an album of sped up samples like some want, because that's been done. He's going to keep giving us new music, and new perspectives on things. And I love it. I don't want 10 albums that sound all sound alike (blueprint 1, blueprint 2, etc..), I'd rather have 10 albums that all sound uniquely different in their own awesome way (Rubber Soul, Sgt Peppers, White album, etc...) wouldn't you?
  15. Jul 7, 2013
    Am I late to the Yeezus party? It's been almost a month since the release of Yeezus, but I feel I need to get my opinion out there. On my first listen of Yeezus, I hated every minute of it, except a few tracks. I despised the autotune on Blood on the Leaves and Guilt Trip, and some of the subject matter felt like he wrote it in 2 minutes, and said it, I'm Kanye, people gon' buy my sh** anyway.' Then I listened again, and again, and again. I don't know how 'Ye does it, but Yeezus has become my fourth favorite 'Ye album (CD, LR, MBDTF). My ears still hurt listening to the ridiculous gong show that is 'I Am A God' (HURRY UP WITH MY D*MN CROISSANT), but I sincerely enjoy a large percentage of every track on this album.

    Favorite Songs: Black Skinhead, New Slaves, Guilt Trip, Bound 2
    Least Favorite Songs: On Sight, I Am A God
  16. Jul 5, 2013
    From the moment one hits play on Kanye West's sixth studio album, Yeezus, strange radio waves begin to make their way through the listeners' eardrum and into the cerebellum. The sounds are immediately abrasive before becoming agreeable, immediately deprogramming any preconceived notion that this is a typical rap album. It is here most hearers will be lost. Listeners, however, are in for quite the ride, one that will forever change hip hop as we know it.

    I think now is a good time to inform the reader I was of the opinion that 808s and Heartbreaks was "garbage Kanye" and The College Dropout was "the real Kanye", important to note. This was a skeptic's ear to Yeezus.

    I imagine executive producer and hip hop pioneer Rick Rubin smiling a wry smile about an album like Yeezus years before it was created. "What if the most respected electronic producers worked with one of the biggest hip hop artists in the industry to create a multi-collaborative, minimalist album?". The idea was probably quickly brushed away by rational thoughts like "Nah. No one has the balls nor vision for that" or "Who the hell would do that?"

    Enter Yeezus. Sonically, it is 40+ minutes of caution to the wind. The Chicago ties are well documented, the acid house and industrial genre influence apparent. This has been done before in hip hop, and in fact, it could be argued this is a commercial adaptation of previous Saul Williams-Trent Reznor collaborations. Yeezus separates itself in the nuances, though. The first sample on the album comes at the 1:17 mark and says "He'll give us what we need, may not be what we want". This is a fine tuned monster we're dealing with; an album that assumes a certain intelligence from its audience and does not apologize to those who do not understand

    Lyrically, this is quintessential Kanye. The punch lines are abundant and raunchy, and making a welcome return are socially conscious lines about the prison industrial complex, corporate control and modern slavery. And yes, there is such a thing. Like crack, both the lines and drum patterns have been boiled down a highly flammable essence. At its core, its just beats and rhymes. This sole fact keeps it in the hip hop realm, somewhere, years away from being accepted.

    The album triumphs most when any confining parameters are shed. Indeed, the very idea of God is shaken within the confines of Yeezus. There is perhaps no better example on the album than "Blood on the Leaves", a song about the woe of an unwilling father which features a sample from Nina Simone's cover of Strange Fruit. On paper is seems clever if not downright odd to sample a song about lynchings on a song about unwelcome borne fruit. It is executed to near perfection, with TNGHT supplied arrangement reaching horn-apexed crescendos as Simone exclaims "black bodies swingin in the summer breeze".

    Many were(and are) caught up in the proclamation that Kanye West "is a god". If that is the case, let them forever stay in ignorance of the Nation of the Five Percenters. But I digress. The son of a Black Panther, Mr. West is well versed in his heritage, or rather, the dehumanization of it. Said West of the tittle of this project, "West was my slave name. Yeezus is my god name." Let us also gloss over the beliefs held by the major four religions and speak nothing of destiny in accordance with free will in godmind. This is but an album review. The track, however, again plays with an idea often attributed to Kanye. How egotiscal he must be, unless of course, he is serious. Any Youtube researcher can tell you West is a part of the globalist elite, the Illuminati, and the demonic yelling at the end of the track is only but further proof of devil worship. Indeed he tells us on Black Skinhead "I think I'm possessed, it's an omen". Whether you believe it to be literal or liberal, is your choice.

    West finally comprises on the last track, the sample driven Bound 2. To me, it sticks out like a sore thumb and proves to be one of the worst on the album. Worst being a relative term, of course. It feels out of place, and instead of a traditional Kanye chop, its done in a looped style, which makes the track feel a bit busy and un-involved. When considered in the body of work (the body of Yeezus, if you will), its almost a statement track. Just because its what you might want to hear from Kanye doesn't mean its good, and just because Yeezus isn't necessarily what you want to hear from Kanye doesn't mean it isn't great.

    This album will change the way hip hop is accepted in the years to come. I firmly hold that Yeezus will have Revolver like influence in the hip hop community and open doors both to new artists and different collaborates alike. Ever the lane maker, Kanye West has once again opened the door for a new era of artist. Yeezus is probably not the best work of this multiple Grammy award winner, but it will be his most influential, and for that, I applaud him.
  17. Jul 6, 2013
    This album is a masterpiece. I don't know why people have stated that they dislike this album, they must not know what good music is. Every song is amazing and the incorporation of rap, drill house, and dance-hall make this album better than born sinner and Magna Carta Holy Grail 10 times over.
  18. Jul 29, 2013
    Yeezus is a perfect example of trying out new sounds and succeeding at them. The album has futuristic, electronic vibes, great samples and overall production, and the experimentation is a breath of fresh air for the rap music genre. Not much negativity about Yeezus, it's a great 40 minute listen.
  19. Jul 7, 2013
    His most game-changing and misunderstood album since 808's and Heartbreak. It will take the rap game at least another 10 years to catch up to this one.
  20. Jul 8, 2013
    At first listen, you might find this album terrible because it is so different from past albums. After listening to it 3 or 4 times, you'll start to realize how unique and brilliant this album is. Out of the 10 songs, I really like 5 of them. That is a high amount for any album. The five songs I don't like as much, I can still appreciate how unique sounding they are. In a world where rappers copy each other and use the same instrument choices and drum beats in multiple songs, Kanye West is in a league of his own. No one is close to creating as unique and new sounds as he is. Give this album a few listens completely through and you'll see how good it truly is. Expand
  21. Jul 11, 2013
    Undoubtedly Kanye's most harsh, dark, and experimental work, Yeezus is the culmination of his egoism and productive creativity. Unfortunately, his latest album fails to lyrically live up to MBDTF.
  22. Jul 21, 2013
    West's new album still suffers from dumbfounded lyrics and pretentious segments, but has a lot of excellent collaborators (such as Frank Ocean and Daft Punk) and simplistic but masterful beats. Most of the songs are very distinctive and show that Kanye is back in the game.
  23. Jul 14, 2013
    I was tempted to give Kanye a "1" for releasing a new album while I am supposed to be studying for the bar. But after repeated listening, I just cant do it. This album is simply freaking brilliant, might be even better than his last. As usual Kanye exhibits his brilliant sampling skills, beats and backing music are sick, use of autotune that actually doesn't make me want to shoot myself in the ear. And of course, his unparalleled flow, clever as hell rhymes sprinkled throughout, and language-invention skills (he's taken us from "safe-belt" to "pregnanated". Kanye, you are a brilliant goddamn bastard. Oh, and stay away from my wife. Expand
  24. Jan 12, 2014
    A solid, innovative album, but a little bit offensive. This sounds like an M.I.A. album. My favs are Blood on the leaves, Black Skinhead & Bound 2 (BBB lol).
  25. Jul 31, 2013
    This album is a masterpiece rivaled only by the best songs of each of his albums. The production is near flawless, and lyrically Kanye manages to pack depth and social commentary into some lines, humor and raunchy imagery into others. 5 years down the road from now, people may even consider this his best album.
  26. Aug 6, 2013
    Overrated. Kanye went down a totally new path that doesn't represent his good albums such as "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" or "Late Registration". This album did have some fantastic songs such as "New Slaves" and "Bound 2" but there were some terrible songs such as "I Am A God" and "On Sight". 'Ye should return to his original flow.
  27. Aug 8, 2013
    At first glance the album seems like a shoddily put together mishmash of kanye west trade mark hyper sexuality and narcisim but as we evaluate the whole, in a deeper context it is truly a brilliant commentary on the rap industry as a whole. It is both a well executed self parody and an amaze feet of originality, defying the very conventions that would black list any lesser artist almost immediately. In summary, this album is the absolute and unabashed truth, all bow down to yezzus Expand
  28. Aug 10, 2013
    Kanye shows so much passion in his music, you cannot help but to appreciate. And Kanye never settles for what people would enjoy. He makes music HE'd enjoy and the result is an instant classic. Yeezy is probably the biggest egomaniac in the music industry, but he sure can back it up with great production and meaningful lyrics.
  29. Aug 18, 2013
    An incredibly mediocre review after releasing one of the best hip hop albums of all time. Yeezus is a poor attempt at making a noise hop, industrial hip hop, or experimental rap album, and comes up incredibly short.
  30. Aug 26, 2013
    Shocking, experimental, and abrasive, Yeezus may not be West's best work, yet it still features some brilliant lyrics and some memorable moments. Highlights include "On Sight," "Black Skinhead," "New Slaves," "Blood on the Leaves," and "Send it Up."
  31. Sep 1, 2013
    I dont think it deserves as much praise that it has been given.... Love Kanye, but he could have done a lot better... i don't know if its possible to be too creative... but he found a way..... its mind blowing.. and not in the best possible way.... wow....
  32. Sep 5, 2013
    Good production really dark and entertaining, a new standard of poor lyrics for Kanye. (In a french ass restaurant, hurry up with my damn croissants!).
  33. Sep 8, 2013
    Superstar Kanye West's newest album features instant hits in "Black Skinhead" among others, but the album lacks strength throughout it's entirety by attempting to use over-powerful beats and backgrounds alongside his rapping. Despite this, it is clear why he is one of the biggest stars in the world.
  34. Sep 17, 2013
    This is a messy album that I tried so hard to like. I really, really did. But I find most of the album to be rather unlistenable.

    The positive 6 score is for three reasons:
    1. "Bound 2"
    2. "Black Skinhead"
    3. "New Slaves"

    These are three of the greatest tracks I heard this summer. Unfortunately, Yeezus isn't a three-song EP, and the rest of the album falls flat in comparison.
  35. Sep 12, 2013
    Listening to this album kind of seems like he is demonic. Great beats but some of the lyrics is concerning. Some examples are like 'I'm A God' and 'Blood on the Leaves'.
  36. Jan 6, 2014
    Kanye's most recent album is by far his most extreme. Its angry, violent, dark yet brilliant. Amazing production is he icing on the cake. Best album of the year.
  37. Oct 10, 2013
    Self-Labeled "genius" does not live up to his self earned title. With the overuse of samples, outdated industrial beats that I've heard many times before, and terrible lyrics with no thought or emotion. Kanye Wests ego doesn't affect his music, but his talent does.
  38. Dec 22, 2013
    This is worth listening to... The creativity of his production along with his egotistical rhymes makes Yeezus an ultimate classic even though it's not in West's top 3 albums...
  39. Feb 18, 2014
    This is a very strange, if not, odd album. 'Bound 2' was a good ending to the album, but that was the only song that I could enjoy. The rest were...just bad (giving 'Black Skinhead' a narrow exception).
  40. Dec 12, 2013
    If 808 and Heartbreaks2.0 with no soul.... Daft Punk production and Bound 2 are the only things 2 worth writing home about. No lyrical depth. No story. No connection between the music. The edits and song order makes little to no sense. It sounds like listening to a man self gratify for 40 minutes. If he is a voice of a generation then you must have a heavy investment in plastic culture with no substance or depth only concerned with the surface with things. You helped create the megalomaniac by reinforcing that he is an icon or a god (Kanye to Yeezy to Yeezus), note the lowercase g because true icons do no tell you they are an icon. I will not let Yeezus kill your discography you still produced four tracks on the Blueprint and My Twisted Dark Fantasy will be your Thriller in a few generations. Expand
  41. Dec 26, 2013
    So after reading all about this critical darling making the number one album of the year in various respected publications, I finally listened to Kanye's Yeezus album.

    Admittedly, synthetic is not my usual stomping ground, however I did find his music what I would consider somewhere within the realm of compelling, although not quite genius. I could delve into my praises more
    specifically, but I'm not. In fact, my praises are going to come to an abrupt, deliberately dismissive stop right now.

    This dude's lyrical message is trash in the most absolute sense. I find it so detestable, the only way I'd ever purchase this album would be if this crybaby "genius" invented a machine to go back in time to his studio, and re-used these beats to make cover versions of twinkle twinkle little star and mary had a little lamb. I'm not going to waste my money or time to hear some self righteous, ego maniacal, man-infant-supremacist perform a racist rant. Quite frankly, it's defamatory to me as a human being.

    The universal acclaim for this album among indie music critics has revealed a highly accomplished field of predominantly white male jackasses who's primary skill in life seems to be outsmarting themselves. All you awesome artsy fartsy indie hipsters in love with this pile of excrement have revealed so much I wish I never knew about your socially depraved mindset. The desperation to be accepted by black people must be incredibly overwhelming to appropriate such wretchedness. I'd ask God to have mercy on your nerdy little beta male souls but why bother? Most of you are atheists anyway.

    Your Baby "Yeezus" belongs in a barbed wire playpen, with a digital rattle so it can best express his musical genius. Gently toss in a bottle of baby formula hopefully spiked with arsenic for this rat to suckle on, and I think we may have finally taken an appropriate step toward cleaning house in the music world. To see this dude's career riding first class on a one horse open sleigh to hell would be the best Christmas present the world could ask for. I'm flushing this God-Turd like a half eaten, partially decomposed dead feeder goldfish.

    Turn out the lights on this one. This album is a shameful waste of time for any human being with a half-shred of dignity.

    Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night.
  42. Dec 28, 2013
    Honestly, I wanted so badly to hate this album, I could hardly stand it. With Kanye West's massive ego brought out to its fullest on several aspects of this album (really, Kanye, "I Am God (feat. God)?") I wanted to hate it even more after I listened to it, but the music is just too epic and just plain good to hate. Tracks like "Black Skinhead", "Bound 2", "New Slaves", and "Blood On the Leaves" are smart, if not somewhat dark and disturbing at points, and melodically perfect. The only reasons I could not give this album the ten that a majority of the album's tracks deserve are 1) the massive amounts of self-glorification in multiple songs (as mentioned before, he literally calls himself God in one of the songs, and on several others basically says that his greatness means he do whatever he wants) and 2) track 6 "I'm In It" (an awful and shallow song that is unforgivable on an album that is otherwise amazing). One warning though: if you are offended by violent and profanity ridden lyrics, avoid this album like the plague. Just trust me on that one. Expand
  43. Jan 1, 2014
    The long awaited album was for the most part to me a disaster. Besides the two big hits (Black Skinheads & New Slaves) & the songs that reminded me of old Kanye (Blood On The Leaves, Bound 2) This album was just awful. Save yourself the money and do not pick this one up, even if you are a die hard Kanye fan.
  44. Mar 29, 2014
    Brilliance mixed with Ignorance with a side of Egotistical-ness, if thats even a word. But overall for what it is being an experimental album, I really feel like Kanye delivered just in a different way then he did with MBDTF, Dropout, and LR
  45. Jan 17, 2014
    I love the album. Its dark, grimy, and most of all creative. I also understand its probably not for everyone, but at least its elicits a response unlike most music that comes out today. Tracks no one can deny include Blood On The Leaves, New Slaves, and Bound 2. Tracks people waver on include On Sight, Hold My Liquor, Im a God. The only track I don't really "get" is On Sight, I like or love every other track. Expand
  46. Jan 29, 2014
    It's hard to call Yeezus Kanye's most inventive work, because literally every album he has released was extremely creative in its own time. What I can say is that Yeezus is the only rap album this year that I've heard where it genuinely caught me off-guard. There were multiple moments throughout the album where I said out loud "he can't do that... you can't do that, right?" But he did it. He would switch from one sample to the next, different tempo, no supporting beat, and then he would jump right back in to his flow with a new beat and sample behind himself.
    One of Kanye's trademarks is his repetitious use of sampling. Each song is incredibly unique, from the primal, angry satire of Kanye backed with a huge drumline and Tarzan-ish screaming in Black Skinhead, to the industrial, heavily distorted opener On Sight. Bound 2 and Hold My Liquor were standout tracks for originality, although Blood on the Leaves and New Slaves were more recognized and also very inventive in their own right.
    Nothing is in this album that doesn't belong in there, and that's a rare thing to say in the age of digital music recording. He went through ridiculous amounts of modifying, mixing, re-writing, and post-production over the course of this album, ultimately ending with the hiring of Rick Rubin the "reducer" less than three weeks before the album was due, to help over-see the final, drastic changes to the album.
    This album gets a 9.5, but I am going to round down to a 9 because there were some lyrical moments that were distastefully sexual and not even in a clever way. If that album were without the track I'm In It, I might round up to a 10. Still, Kanye's style and artisanship are still leagues ahead of most rappers in the game today, and this album deserves a listen from anyone who claims to be tired of the "same old same old."
  47. Feb 1, 2014
    What is this? No seriously, what is this? I love the production, and I love four or five tracks. But this album was so confused. Following in the footsteps of 808s and Heartbreaks, Kanye hit one into left field and this time, I could vibe with it, but I think either Kanye was trying too hard to be meaningful and new, or this album is too experimental for me. I can appreciate it for what it is but tracks like I Am a God and Hold My Liquor just aren't for me. The best tracks were, Black Skinhead which was awesome, and Bound 2 which seemed like it was a leftover from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Expand
  48. Feb 5, 2014
    Yeezus is, in my opinion, best album of 2013. The reason people give it any bad reviews is because they haven't given Yeezus enough time to sink in. It's incredibly unique and creative, to the point where it takes several listens to get used to. In the past, Kanye hasn't failed to produce some of the most artistic, chart-topping, best-selling albums, and to this day, still hasn't. Once you hear the album you're left breathless. If you haven't heard it yet, or don't like it, give it a few listens and it'll grow on you. Expand
  49. Mar 3, 2014
    Painful to listen to. It's been out for a while but i still struggle to see why it even exists. I've never been a big fan of Kanye West and this album does nothing that even makes me consider caring about what he does. Everything about this album, from the promotion to the production was awful. Horrible album. One okay song but that's about it.
  50. Mar 12, 2014
    The album is an angry, muddled, ignorant, slapped-together heap of vulgar expression that works better than anyone else in music could've done. It's an album so angrily sure of itself it'll have you convinced that a man worth 100 million dollars faces oppression comparable to that of a slave.

Universal acclaim - based on 46 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 43 out of 46
  2. Negative: 1 out of 46
  1. Dec 10, 2013
    His concerns are serious--consumerism, race, fame, relationships--but he rarely addresses them with the craft or focus they deserve. [Sep 2013, p.66]
  2. Aug 20, 2013
    Contradiction incarnate, Yeezus is Kanye's most Kanyeish LP yet. [Sep 2013, p.103]
  3. Aug 13, 2013
    Nasty, brutish, short, and wholly compelling, Yeezus begs only one question: where next? [Sep 2013, p.89]