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  1. Feb 10, 2011
    Even if the newly formed Canadian quartet is still searching for its individuality, when Suuns' strengths come together--as they often do on Zeroes QC--the mix of sparse beats, razor-wire guitar, and downer melodies can be compelling.
  2. Feb 10, 2011
    There's not quite an established cohesion from piece to piece--no flawless thread that binds these tracks together as a whole. But this can easily be forgiven, given that it's a debut (a better-realised packaging of the band's obvious potential will surely follow), and that the stylistic detours are always taken with confidence.
  3. Jace Lasek does an admirable job with the production, channelling a more nocturnal version of his own band's widescreen grandeur, whilst Suuns themselves evince a knack for memorable melodies without really producing anything in the way of actual hooks.
  4. 80
    These songs are rarely exciting in their movement and few listeners will hear the album as more than just a good debut, but like The Velvet Underground and The Smiths, some styles never go out of style.
  5. 80
    Suuns have given us an unexpected bit of orchestrated but shambolic rock on this album, and because the band isn't afraid to try new things and put things together oddly we may be witnessing the birth of something grand.
  6. Feb 10, 2011
    Suuns don't need to be a Queens of the Stone Age, but they have the potential to do more than just throw a cool clutch of songs together.
  7. Mojo
    Apr 4, 2011
    When they strip down everything down for the closing pair Fear and the onomatopoeic Organ Blues, the nape hairs rise even higher. [Mar 2011, p.100]
  8. Feb 10, 2011
    Although there are times when they misfire, this is a startling first effort from the band.
  9. 80
    Straightaway, what's so appealing about this album is the double-barrel hellfire tactic the four-piece employ on almost every song.
  10. Feb 10, 2011
    Sure, they could use a few relatable sentiments to go with their outstretched sound, and the Clinic thing's just gotta go. But few bands this young are operating on quite this scale, and fewer still have the brass--and the patience--to pull off a big, glitzy, complex record like Zeroes QC.
  11. Feb 10, 2011
    Suuns take an interested angle on two elements that have been married plenty in the past, and sometimes it pays off, but as they go on, here's hoping their compositions more consistently match up to their ambition.
  12. Q Magazine
    Mar 1, 2011
    Zeroes QC bristles with ideas, assimilating elements of Krautrock, electronica and post-punk to dazzling effect. [Feb 2011, p.124]
  13. Feb 10, 2011
    What makes Zeroes QC so satisfying is the way in which they've warped and perverted their electronic base.
  14. Feb 10, 2011
    Suuns' debut LP is pieced together from a few decent ideas and a lot of bad ones.
  15. Uncut
    Feb 14, 2011
    The Atmosphere is intimidating and nervy--a far cry from cosy campfire kumbayas. [Feb 2011, p.94]

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