Adoni Maropis

Biography: Adoni Maropis was diagnosed with Diabetes when he went into a coma at eighteen months of age. Most modern methods of managing Type 1 Diabetes were unavailable then, especially with such a small patient, but in Adoni's words, through "a lot of love, laughter, and staying in great shape", Adoni thrived. A doctor told his father that he would be weak, thin, sick, be in and out of hospitals his whole life, and probably not make it to age 25. Instead of allowing these diagnoses to defeat him, Adoni saw them as a challenge and excelled in just about everything physical-as a senior high school basketball player, he was runner-up MVP in the Washington County area of Pennsylvania where he grew up. He was a nationally ranked tennis player in his mid-teens and was the West Virginia Arm Wrestling Champion as a Junior and Senior at West Virginia University.

He grew up in Burgettstown, PA, a small town near Pittsburgh. He is the second of three sons of Petro (a retired periodontist) and
Despina Maropis; his older brother, Sam, works for the American Naval base in Crete, Greece, as an accountant, and his younger brother, Chris, is a doctor back home in the Pittsburgh area.

Adoni graduated from West Virginia University, magna cum laude, with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (even though his favorite s were in psychology). Rather than head for the business world, his father suggested he try acting. His father thought that a suit and tie might be fine for his other sons, but for Adoni, it would choke him. Taking that advice, Adoni enrolled in Park Point College (now Park Point University) in Pennsylvania, and studied acting, voice and dance for three years. Then, with the help of his brother Chris, he headed for Hollywood.

He has appeared in episodes of Walker Texas Ranger, V.I.P., Angel, and most recently in March of 2005, NYPD Blue. His first major movie break came in 2002 with a sizeable speaking role in The Scorpion King, a big budget motion picture written and produced by Stephen Sommers (The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, Van Helsing) and starring The Rock. Also, later in 2002, he appeared in Bad Company, a Jerry Bruckheimer (Black Hawk Down, Pirates of the Caribbean) production, with Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock. In 2004, he had a major role in Hidalgo, a Disney production starring Viggo Mortensen and Omar Sharif. Also in 2004, Adoni had a role in Alfie which can be seen on the Extended Edition Deleted Scenes (the last deleted scene). He also appears in the opening sequence of the 2004 Warner Brothers drama, Troy, starring Peter O'Toole, Brad Pitt and Sean Bean.

Adoni Maropis' Scores

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Average career score: 49
Highest Metascore: 56 Troy
Lowest Metascore: 37 Bad Company
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 3
  2. Negative: 1 out of 3
3 movie reviews
Title: Year: Credit: User score:
56 Troy May 14, 2004 Agamemnon's Officer 6.7
tbd Close Call Apr 16, 2004 Pimp 6.8
54 Hidalgo Mar 5, 2004 Sakr 6.4
37 Bad Company Jun 7, 2002 Jarma/Dragan Henchman #1 4.7