Ai Maeda

Biography: Ai Maeda is a Japanese voice actress who works for Aoni Production.

Profile information:
Blood type: A
Height: 156 cm (5'1")
Other names: AiM. This is her stage name.
School: Aoni Juku Osaka school
Special Skills: swimming, spending money, and turning her head
Favorite animes: Patlabor, Wataru 2, and Lamune & 40
Hobbies: Sleeping twice (waking up, but going to sleep again), RPG's
Favorite Foods: surume (dried squid)
Favorite Drink: Japanese sake
Least favorite foods: green peas, broccoli, celery, and parsley
Favorite Olympic Sport: torch relay
Least Favorite Sport: stepping on shadows, because it always disappears when she's about to step on it
Would like to go to: Egypt, and play in the pyramids. Also she would like to float in the Dead Sea.
What she'd if she wasn't a voice actor: Dancer, novelist
Roles to try: an evil woman, someone like DaCider from Lamune & 40.

Ai Maeda's Scores

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tbd Xenosaga: The Animation: Season 1 Jan 5, 2005 Shion Uzuki 6.0