Amy Irving

Biography: Amy Irving, an accomplished actress with dark hair, natural beauty, and genetic charm, was born in California in 1953. Daughter for Jules Irving, and Priscilla Pointer, and sister for David K Irving (successful director by himself) and Katie Irving, Amy was born to act. Amy's mother, Priscilla, was a proven actress by herself, and many times they were playing along as a mother and her daughter, or a motherly figure and a daughter. They were playing together in Carrie (1976), Carried Away (1996), and Honeysuckle Rose (1980).

She studied in the American Conservatory Theatre San Francisco, California, in the High School of Music and Art New York, and in the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art London. With such resume, she could not forsake acting.

She started her career as a guest cast on screen and on stage. However, she soon had the job the promoted her, Sue Snell, a teen survivor in the hit movie Carrie (1976). Soon, she's also got two paranormal roles, one as a
psychokinetic woman (The Furry, 1978), and an Indian princess (HBO's miniseries The Far Pavilions, 1984). Meanwhile, she also attended Broadway's stage, as Mozart's wife (Amadeus, 1980), and in the revival of Heartbreak House (1983).
One of her major roles were in Barbra Streisand's first debut film Yentl. She played Hadass, the bride of Yentl, a woman masquerading as a man. She had mixed feeling about the job, but eventually provided her best work, being also awarded for Best Supporting Actress by the Academy.

Unfortunately, not the talent was what affected Amy's career the most. Her relationships with the then-rising director Steven Spielberg, and the marriage in 1985, shadowed her progress. Later, she said she felt like a politician's wife in the marriage, and that she knew she was taking a "role" that is too big, but she kept going: Czar's daughter (Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna, 1986), sophisticated New Yorker (Crossing Delancey, 1988), and Jessica Rabbit's singing voice (animated Who Framed Roger Rabbit, 1988). Ay and Steven have a mutual son, Max Spielberg.

In 1989, she couldn't handle the pressure anymore, and split up with Spielberg. She immediately moved together with Bruno Barreto, in which she fell in love while filming A Show of Force, still married to Spielberg. They had their first child in 1990, Gabriel Barreto. She was given a fine role by her husband, a school teacher finding romance, in Carried Away, 1996. She visited Broadway from time to time, playing in Arthur Miller's Broken Glass (1995), and in Chekov's Three Sisters (1997), with Lili Taylor and Jeanne Tripplehorn. She returned to be Sue Snell in the sequel The Rage: Carrie II, and played a teacher once again in Bossa Nova (2000).

During 2002-2003 Amy was featured in ABC's Alias, as Amily Sloane, the wife of Arvin Sloane (Ron Rifkin). Her character was killed at the end of the second season.

Amy was recently awarded Best Actor Outstanding Performance for Traffic, by the Cast of a Theatrical Motion (2000).
In 2005, she appeared opposite to Rebert De Niro in the hit movie Hide and Seek.

Amy is a verified actress, and she overcame the tragedies successfully. Being such an excellent actress on TV, stage and film, she is only in the beginning of the way.

Amy Irving's Scores

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Average career score: 55
Highest Metascore: 74 Thirteen Conversations About One Thing
Lowest Metascore: 35 Hide and Seek
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 7
  2. Negative: 1 out of 7
7 movie reviews
Title: Year: Credit: User score:
56 Adam Jul 29, 2009 Rebecca Buchwald 8.1
35 Hide and Seek Jan 28, 2005 Alison Callaway 6.2
66 Tuck Everlasting Oct 11, 2002 Mother Foster 8.2
74 Thirteen Conversations About One Thing May 24, 2002 Patricia 8.4
57 Bossa Nova Apr 28, 2000 Mary Ann Simpson 7.0
42 The Rage: Carrie 2 Mar 12, 1999 Sue Snell 4.9
61 Deconstructing Harry Dec 12, 1997 Jane 7.5