Andy Hillstrand

Biography: Andy Hillstrand the captain of the Time Bandit during the Opilio Crab season is a second generation fishermen and one of five brothers, and one of the four brothers whom co-owns the boat. Andy like the rest of his brothers grew up on commercial fishing boats and during that time learned two important rules when regards to commercial fishing. One, to ensure a safe trip, everything in the boat must be tied down and two, that the boat will never wait for anybody.

During his teenager years, Andy would serve on various different type of fishing vessels from 90-foot crab boat to a 38 foot gillnetter. Then his father would buy the first edition of the Time Bandit and there Andy would learn the ropes about fishing for everything to crab to herring to salmon. In 1991, Andy’s father would hand over the second edition of the Time Bandit, a much bigger and more luxurious then the pervious one, which Andy along with his brother would help custom build the interior of the boat, which
includes luxuries previous unheard in a crab boat, such as four-man sauna, state rooms with queen-size beds and full size kitchen complete with a dishwasher a trash compactor.

When Andy isn’t fishing in Alaska, he lives in Indian where he owns Hobby Horse Ares LLC, a place that was established in 2003, after Andy with his wife, Sabrina left Alaska after 36 years to Chandler, Indiana. In that place he trains quarters horses, which is Andy’s passion. His horse ranch is place where Natural Horsemanship, where understand and psychology is applied to the horse rather then face, but they will also will teach western riding style as well.

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tbd After the Catch: Season 1 May 29, 2007 Time Bandit, Co-Captain 1.0
tbd Deadliest Catch: Season 3 Apr 3, 2007 Time Bandit, Co-Captain, Deckhand 8.0
tbd Deadliest Catch: Season 2 Mar 28, 2006 Time Bandit, Co-Captain, Deckhand 7.0