Arihiro Hase

Biography: Arihiro Hase was born in April 22, 1965 in Japan. He was the son of seiyū Sanji Hase. His most famous voice work was that of Hikaru Ichijyo from the Macross series. In 1984, it would retake the paper of Hikaru in the movie Macross Do You Remember Love? and in the special, Macross Flash Back 2012. Arihiro also record several CD drama dedicated to Macross. His Last work was indeed for Macross, in the CD, Macross Classic Drama. He dead at the age of 31 on July 30, 1996. Cast in... Captain Tsubasa (TV) as Koyama Hime-chan's Ribbon (TV) as Shinoyama Lily C.A.T. (movie) as Hiro Takagi Macross 7 (TV) as Bobby Macross Flash Back 2012 (OAV) as Hikaru Ichijyo Macross: Do You Remember Love? (movie) as Hikaru Ichijyo Madox-01 (OAV) as Onose Haruo Megazone 23 Part III (OAV) as Orange chief operator Patlabor (TV) as GDF Labor Pilot (ep. 11); Hiker A (ep. 4); Mechanic E (ep. 3) Ranma ½ (TV) as Niku-man 4 Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross (TV) as Bowie Emerson
Super Dimensional Century Orguss (TV) as Young man
Super Dimensional Fortress Macross (TV) as Hikaru Ichijyo

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tbd Macross: Season 1 Oct 3, 1982 Hikaru Ichijyo 7.0