Bob Mortimer

Biography: Bob was born in Middlesbrough in 1959, and, along with his three brothers, was mainly brought up by his mother, when his father died while Bob was still very young. Keen on football, he tried out for Middlesbrough FC, which he supports, but ended up going to study law at Sussex University, having left school with 3 A Levels. He began working in London as a solicitor but attended performances by Vic Reeves, and they soon became friends and partners.

Bob suffers, like his mother, from rheumatoid arthritis, which he manages with steroids. Bob is married to Lisa Matthews and has 2 sons (Harry and Thomas).

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tbd Tittybangbang: Season 1 Sep 20, 2005 Writer tbd
tbd 29 Minutes of Fame: Season 1 Jan 21, 2005 Host tbd
tbd Monkey Trousers: Season 1 Apr 29, 2004 Various 5.0
tbd Shooting Stars: Season 5 Oct 6, 2002 Host tbd
tbd Shooting Stars: Season 4 Jan 13, 2002 Host / Writer tbd
tbd Shooting Stars: Season 3 Sep 26, 1997 Host / Writer tbd
tbd Shooting Stars: Season 2 Sep 27, 1996 Host tbd
tbd Shooting Stars: Season 1 Sep 25, 1995 Host / Writer tbd