Bobby A Gaza

Biography: Bobby Gaza (aka Bobert) raised in sunny California has an equally 'sunny' disposition in life. He was actually once seen taking lemons to make lemonade -- it's not simply a metaphor for Bobby, as much as it is a motto. Ironically he was stealing these lemons, and did actually do some juvy time. Having drifted in and out of trouble as a child, Bobby focused his energy's on skateboarding with his one time close friend Jason Lee. They have since become estranged after a teenage squabble over sanitation issues. Just after high-school Bobby dabbled in computers after seeing his older friends get rich on fortunes made in Silicon Valley. Quickly becoming more interested in building and playing with computers, then stealing them, Bobby rose to stardom in the Linux world with his launch of now defunct web site Bobby parlayed his techno geek lust into acting when he landed the part of "Cornelius" on the much acclaimed "Scuba Wars" TV Show. He then starred in the less succesful "Snorkel Wars" spin off mini-series, where he played Cornelius' twin and demanding sister "Dr. Zira".


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tbd Scuba Wars: Season 1 Dec 17, 2012 Cornelius tbd
tbd Scuba Wars: Season 2 Jan 1, 2005 Cornelius tbd