Cariba Heine

Biography: Cariba Heine is your ordinary Australian girl: except she is a teenage celebrity. After moving to Australia from South Africa at a young age, Cariba instantly became a part of dance and drama. She performed in a wide variety of plays and short films before landing the role of rebel Rikki in H20: Just Add Water , which has been a dream come true

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Title: Year: Credit: User score:
tbd H2O: Just Add Water: Season 3 Oct 26, 2009 Rikki Chadwick 10
tbd Blue Water High: Season 3 Apr 3, 2008 Bridget Sanchez tbd
tbd H2O: Just Add Water: Season 2 Sep 28, 2007 Rikki Chadwick 10
tbd H2O: Just Add Water: Season 1 Jul 7, 2006 Rikki Chadwick 8.2