Colleen Haskell

Biography: Colleen Marie Haskell was born and raised in Bethedsa,Maryland.She went to school by way of Walter Johnson High and she graduated in the year of 1994.She attended Walter Johnson High in Bethesda, Maryland, graduating in 1994. She attended college at University of Georgia where she studied in London,England on a six month internship with the London Film Festival.After graduation in 1998 she spent two months in West Africa and then travelled in France. After that,she worked as an internet for Aerna Stage in Washington,D.C. and did some waitressing as well.She enjoys traveling and cooking. At the age of 23,Colleen got accepted to a new reality show called Survivor after auditioning only to try to get her friend accepted.She was the 12th person voted off of the island known as Pulua Tiga and had a say in the final vote of the game.After the show she landed a role in a Rob Schneider film called "The Animal" as his love interest.She has been attending an ad school in Miami all the while.

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Average career score: 43
Highest Metascore: 43 The Animal
Lowest Metascore: 43 The Animal
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43 The Animal Jun 1, 2001 Rianna 4.1