Dan Gold

Biography: Born in Copenhagen, Denmark tattoo artist Dan Gold was brought up by his Mum who worked as a school cleaner. After various scrapes with the law he was sent to live with his Auntie and Uncle in Lancashire, England and has has lived in the country ever since.

In his mid-teens he began to graffiti at the same time drawing tattoo designs for his friends. It wasn't till he was 17 that he got to actually run a tattoo shop, and since then has worked in many UK leading tattoo studios as well as owned and lost a few himself. Dan's primary tattoo style is graffiti based. His clients include celebrities like Kate Moss and Olympic High Jumper Ben Challenger. In 2007 along with Louis Molloy, Nikole Lowe and Phil Kyle he became one of the artists on TV show 'London Ink'.

Dan has a young son, Yan, who drew a shark design for him which was then subsequently tattooed on his leg by his friend and co-tattooist Phil Kyle.

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tbd London Ink: Season 2 Oct 19, 2008 Tattoo Artist - Himself tbd
tbd London Ink: Season 1 Nov 27, 2007 Tattoo Artist - Himself tbd