Darren Matthews

Biography: Darren Matthews began his wrestling career at the age of 15, in Blackpool, England. He made a name for himself as an attraction of Blackpool Theme Park, by challenging members of the public to defeat him for cash while also impressing many wrestling promoters on the UK indie circuit.
Matthews first taste of American wrestling was a try-out with the WWE (then called WWF) in 1991, he impressed bosses but it wasn't enough to earn a WWF contract. However, during WCW's tour of the Europe 1992 / 93, Matthews was invited to wrestle a few matches and was then offered a WCW contract in 1993.
Wrestling under the name of Steve Regal, Matthews found it hard to get a reaction from the crowd, be was neither booed or cheered. WCW and Matthews decided to go in another direction...
"Lord Steven Regal" was introduced to the WCW fans a few months later, this new charater was a pompous heel, who looked down upon the 'common' crowd and was brought in to install some class into the federation.
With this persona, Regal became a top class heel in WCW, winning the WCW Television Championship in late 1993 from Ricky Steamboat. He went on to have matches with WCW Champion Ric Flair before dropping the televsion title to Larry Zbyszko. Regal soon regained the championship and held it through most of 1994 before losing it again and then transferring to the tag-team division with Bobby Eaton. Regal went on to win the TV Title 2 more times before leaving WCW for WWE in 1998. Regals' first run in the WWE ended quite quickly, he wasn't over with the fans, the WWE didn't seem to have any storylines or ideas for his character and was also abusing drugs and was released in 1999. Regal conquered his demons and returned to WCW for a while, wrestling in the hardcore division and becoming WCW Commissioner before again signing a WWE conract in 2000. Matthews changed his name to "William Regal" for his second stint in the WWE and this time his character was a success. Playing the posh English persona, Regal became a top class heel and became WWE European Champion. After Regal dropped the European belt, he took a more backstage role as WWE's Commissioner, working alongside Vince McMahon. Here, Regal proved to be as funny on the microphone as The Rock or any other vocally gifted wrestler. Regal went on to win the Intercontinental Championship as well as the European Title again. After surgery and a painful illness, Regal was not seen on WWE TV for over a year and a half while recovering, but he soon returned to the WWE's Raw brand. He has not wrestled since his illness but is still seen today on WWE Raw, alongside Eric Bischoff as manager / mentor of Eugene. Regal remains one of wrestling's finest technical wrestlers and all-round entertainer. 2004 should see him return to the ring. Today William Regal is teamed up with Dave Taylor and is now in the Tag Team Division. On June of 2007 he was drafted to Raw and is now a wrestler and a replacement General Manager. BIO: Date of Birth: May 10th 1965 Height / Weight: 6' 2" / 245 lbs Trained By: Marty Jones Finsher: Regal Stretch Pro Debut: 1983 TITLE HISTORY: WWE Intercontinental Champion WWE European Champion (2) WWE World Tag Team Champion (2) WWE Hardcore Champion (5) WCW Televisoon Champion (4) MCW Southern Champion WWE Commissioner WCW Commissioner WWE Road Agent Expand

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75 WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 (X360) Oct 26, 2010 Voice: William Regal / Voice: William Regal 7.4