Dermot Morgan

Biography: Dermot Morgan was born in Dublin in 1952. He attended University College in Dublin, studing English and Philosophy before taking up teaching. In 1979 he made his first appearance on TV as hip priest, Father Trendy. Dermot never gelled with RTE, the main broadcaster in Ireland, and after his satirical radio show Scrap Saturday, was cancelled, he returned to stand up comedy. He went on to make the award winning Father Ted but tragically he died exactly 24 hours after finishing filming the third and supposed final season.

When Dermot died, he left behind his wife Fiona, their young son, and two sons from a previous marriage.

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tbd Father Ted: Season 3 Mar 15, 1998 Father Ted 8.8
tbd Father Ted: Season 2 Mar 8, 1996 Father Ted 7.3
tbd Father Ted: Season 1 Apr 21, 1995 Father Ted 8.6