Biography: "For me, it's about the little things, the detail. Always has been, always will be. As in life, I concentrate on that, leaving the big stuff to just take care of itself." Such is the secret to the songwriting ethic which produced 1999's 'No Angel' a debut album which so captivated the listening public that it went on to achieve sales in excess of 12 million copies - and, in doing so, confirmed Dido as one of only a handful of British artists capable of breaking through to a global audience in the new millenium. Those songs of life and love, delivered in a voice that is artlessly, unaffectedly beautiful, proved conclusively that the small-scale and specific can strike a universal chord. Everywhere and ever since, fans have been hungry for more. And now, at last, a successor, 'Life For Rent' is complete.

"The title, and the song from which it's taken, represents how I feel about my life right now, and how I want to live it in the future," she explains. "It's about not being
afraid to take chances, or to live life to the full. It's so easy to slip into complacency, or to disengage from the world. This album works as a constant reminder to myself not to do that."

No-one expected the north London girl to be a multi-platinum, world-conquering success, least of all Dido herself. For her, simply getting an album recorded and released was a result.
"Because it was a struggle," she recalls. "I mean, why would anyone have expected me to come up with the goods? I was just Rollo's little sister, hence kind of the last place you'd look." It was, she sees now, a uniquely free situation in which to make a first record. "There were no limits or boundaries imposed on me, you see. No-one really cared about what I was doing, not in a bad way, but because they were busy with other stuff. And I loved that feeling of being the underdog. It definitely worked to my advantage, having that artistic freedom ­ even if it was born out of other people's disinterest. And this time around, because the first album was so successful and everyone's kind of superstitious about that, they didn't dare to interfere. It was a case of, 'Off you go and do again whatever it was that you did last time. Just let us know when you're finished.'"

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Average career score: 67
Highest Metascore: 74 Safe Trip Home
Lowest Metascore: 59 Girl Who Got Away
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  1. Positive: 2 out of 3
  2. Negative: 0 out of 3
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74 Safe Trip Home Nov 18, 2008 Primary Artist 8.3
69 Life For Rent Sep 30, 2003 Primary Artist 8.5
59 Girl Who Got Away Mar 26, 2013 Primary Artist 7.7