Erik Thompson

Biography: Erik Thompson is one of the best-known voices in contemporary broadcasting, providing voiceovers for promo's, trailers and commercials - as well as being the narrator of several popular television shows.
After getting his start in California radio, Erik moved to television, becoming a full-time voice actor and promotional announcer for several television networks in the late-1990's. Among his many current promo clients are National Geographic Channel, NBC, CBS, HBO, TNT, TBS, ION, Cinemax, Showtime, Animal Planet, and Sundance Channel.
Eric is also the featured narrator for several television series, including The Universe, Shootout! , and Jurassic Fight Club on The History Channel; Animal Extractors on Animal Planet; Nighthawks on Discovery Channel; and World's Most Amazing Videos on Spike TV.

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Title: Year: Credit: User score:
tbd The Universe: Season 6 Oct 25, 2011 Narrator tbd
tbd The Universe: Season 3 Nov 11, 2008 Narrator tbd
tbd Jurassic Fight Club: Season 1 Jul 29, 2008 Narrator tbd
tbd History Alive: Season 3 Jan 21, 2008 Narrator tbd
tbd The Universe: Season 2 Nov 27, 2007 Narrator tbd
tbd The Universe: Season 1 May 29, 2007 Narrator 9.5