Felice Schachter

Biography: Mother: Suzanne Father: Alexander Siblings: Simone and Janine Felice studied ballet since the age of three and went on to study at The George Ballanchine's School of Ballet at age 8. At age 6 Felice joined the Bolshoi Ballet and NYC Ballet Co. She performed in both "Sleeping Beauty" and "Taming of the Shrew". By age 12 she was featured in a Garry Gross pictorial ("Little Women") with Brooke Shields and another girl, which appeared in a special edition book published by Playboy. (Please Note: She was NOT nude in any of the photos). By 1977 Felice branched into theater and appeared in two plays off-Broadway "The Innocents" and "Time and Time Again". In 1978 Felice was the first girl selected to the original cast of the "Facts of Life". Unfortunately she was also the first one cut when the show retooled for its second season. Felice made several guest appearances on the show until 1986. In 1981 Felice was cast in the role of Bernadette in the 1982 movie "Zapped" and starred opposite Scott Baio.

From 1978 into the mid 1980s Felice also made television appearances on "Diff'rent Strokes", "Love of Life", "NBC Quiz Kids", "The Adams Chronicles", "Alice". "ER" (1984), "The New Monkees", "Love American Style", "Steve Martin's Twilight Theater" and "The David Letterman Show".

In 1982 Felice got her first taste of film production, working as an Assistant Director and Production Assistant, making Infomercials, Commercials and Corporate Films.

In June of 1985, Felice obtained a B.A. in Semiotics at Brown University.

In the mid 80s Felice became involved in sports broadcasting working for CBS Sports and Prime Ticket Network. She was featured as NHL Gossip Reporter "Vera Vixen".

In 1990 she was again in the spotlight as the "1990 St. Pauli Girl", which was featured as an additional centerfold in Playboy.

Making a departure from the public eye, Felice turned her talents to film production full time. Felice has worked on such film and television projects as "Magic Island", "After The Game" the pilot for "JAG", "Uncle Sam", "Twilight of the Golds", "High Tide", "Born Free", "The Citizen", "Waiting For The Monkeys", "The Citizen" "Waste Land", "Jackie", "Knockaround Guys" and "30 Years to Life" She was the Production Coordinator for the series "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit".

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