Graham Greene

Biography: GRAHAM GREENE, Canadian actor, born June 22, 1956 on the Six Nations Reserve near Brantford Ontario, Canada. He is a full-blooded Oneida. Graham was the second of six children born to John and Lillian Greene. At the age of 16, Greene dropped out of school and went to Rochester, New York. Two years later Graham returned to Toronto and studied welding at George Brown College. Not to mention, has a daughter born 1981 by Toronto actress Carol Lazare.

In 1974, graduated from the Centre for Indigenous Theatre's Native Theatre School. Shortly after that, Graham took his first acting role [as a Native American] "Ne'er Do-Well Thespians." Although Greene considers himself neither a spokesperson for Native rights, paving the way for other Native American actors in film and televsion. He prefers to think himself as an actor who is capable of playing any role that comes his way.

In the early 80's, Graham did some theatre work in England. Later returned to North America where
he immediately landed a small role in "Revolution," a story about the American Revolution starring Al Pacino. At that point in time, Graham's career was off and runing. Graham is the type of actor who always portrays upstanding, law abiding, highly moral, characters and at the same time; delivers to his audience-- a powerful heartwarming performance.

Graham's impressive list of credits includes; "Dances with Wolves." whereby he was nominated for an Oscar, along with "The Green Mile, "Maverick," "Thunderheart," "Grey Owl," and several TV movies and series.

In 2000, Graham hosted and narrated a series for Telefilm Canada called "Exhibit A" -- Secrets of Forensic Science, a TV series. This series was such a success; it should return next season.


Graham is a film actor who has found success in both Canada and the United States. Overall, Greene has a bright future in acting and has had roles in over 13 stage performances and more than 30 movie and television productions.

Graham Greene's Scores

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Average career score: 56
Highest Metascore: 88 The Fallen Idol (re-release)
Lowest Metascore: 25 Double Take
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 14
  2. Negative: 3 out of 14
14 movie reviews
Title: Year: Credit: User score:
31 Winter's Tale Feb 14, 2014 Humpstone John 5.6
57 Brighton Rock Aug 26, 2011 Writer / Novel "Brighton Rock" 7.0
51 Breakfast with Scot Oct 10, 2008 Bud Wilson 8.2
tbd Just Buried Oct 3, 2008 Henry Sanipass 9.2
88 The Fallen Idol (re-release) Feb 10, 2006 Writer / Story "The Basement Room" 7.0
56 Christmas in the Clouds Nov 4, 2005 Earl 8.1
84 The Quiet American Nov 22, 2002 Novel 8.2
57 Skins Sep 27, 2002 Mogie Yellow Lodge 7.9
29 Snow Dogs Jan 18, 2002 Peter Yellowbear 6.2
53 Lost and Delirious Jul 6, 2001 Joe Menzies 9.1
25 Double Take Jan 12, 2001 Story "Across The Bridge" 8.5
61 The Green Mile Dec 10, 1999 Arlen Bitterbuck 8.6
65 The End of the Affair Dec 3, 1999 Novel 7.9
58 Die Hard: With a Vengeance May 19, 1995 Joe Lambert 8.2
72 Dances with Wolves Nov 9, 1990 Kicking Bird 8.6