Jack Owens, Jr.

Biography: 58 year old Jack Owens is a retired FBI Agent from Birmingham, AL.

Q&A (From CBS.com)

- Jack's motto: Family first.
- Jack describes himself as: witty, confident, outgoing.
- Jack's personal hero: John F. Kennedy.
- Why Jack wanted to be on BIG BROTHER: to play a great game for money.
- Strengths Jack brings to the house: friendliness and experience with people.
- Weaknesses Jack brings to BIG BROTHER: Giving people the benefit of the doubt.
- Comfort item Jack misses most: His Miata.
- Type of news Jack misses most: Terrorism.
- Jack performs better in: Mental competitions.
- Jack plans to win BIG BROTHER with: strong alliances and being non-threatening.
- Jack's biggest fear: Being voted out first because he was an FBI agent.

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tbd Big Brother: Season 4 Jul 8, 2003 bb4 Days 1 -54 (7th Evicted) 2.9