Jade Carter

Biography: Jade Carter grew up on a small farm near the town of Ponoka, Alberta, Canada. His father changed occupations a lot, while his mother was a journalist and photographer for newspapers. He spent most of his time growing up playing hockey and other sports, however at the age of twelve he was seriously injured in a tractor accident that left doctors unsure he would live...he was never expected to walk again, and at one time his left leg was scheduled for amputation. After about three months in the hospital he overcame the odds and walked out the hospital to go home.

During his recovery, which was very long, he found a passion for acting. He was highly active in drama and sports during in high school, acting through college, graduating top of his class. After living in the town of Banff for two years, and owning his own business for another two more, he then made the move to Los Angeles to follow the dream of acting.

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Average career score: 22
Highest Metascore: tbd Man of the Year
Lowest Metascore: tbd Man of the Year
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tbd Man of the Year Dec 5, 2003 Jim 5.5