Jeremy Piven

Biography: Born in New York city, Jeremy Piven was raised in Evanston, IL., the location of his parents (Joyce and Byrne Piven) theater school (the Piven Theatre Workshop). Piven is an alumnus of his parents theater school and is a longtime friend of fellow alumnus John Cusack. Jeremy Piven is a graduate of Evanston Township High School, Drake University (as an undergraduate), New York University (for a graduate degree), and the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center and The National Theater of Great Britain (where he intensely studied Shakespearean acting.) Piven's first true national televised success came in the form of the critically-acclaimed ABC T.V show, Cupid, which was filmed in Chicago where Piven now owns a home. The show was cancelled after only a few episodes. Piven was also a regular on Larry Sanders Show, and Ellen in the early and mid 1990s respectively, but neither garnered him as much recognition as his role in Cupid. During the same time frame, Piven was able to score a few guest stars on several renowned shows such as the popular sitcom Seinfeld. More recently, Piven was a guest star on yet another sitcom, the long-running NBC hit Will & Grace.

Over the years, Piven has also been the voice of many cartoon characters. He was a regular on All Grown Up, the sequel series to the popular Rugrats cartoon (which he provided voices for as a guest star on two occassions). In addition, Piven provided his voice for characters from superhero cartoons Justice League Unlimited and MTV's Spider-Man. Piven has also made an assortment of single episode appearances on a number of other TV cartoons.

Piven has been involved in over 40 films over the years, including Grosse Pointe Blank, Serendipity, Say Anything, Black Hawk Down, Phoenix, Kiss the Girls, Just Write, Rush Hour 2, Music from Another Room and Very Bad Things.

More recently, Piven has had more significant roles in films including Runaway Jury, Old School, Chasing Liberty, Two for the Money and Keeping Up with the Steins . Piven's latest and greatest success, however, has been on the small screen in his role as super agent Ari Gold in the HBO series "Entourage", which has won him three consecutive Emmys in 2006,2007 & 2008.

Jeremy Piven's Scores

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Average career score: 50
Highest Metascore: 86 Say Anything...
Lowest Metascore: 26 I Melt with You
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 24
  2. Negative: 6 out of 24
24 movie reviews
Title: Year: Credit: User score:
86 Say Anything... Apr 4, 1989 Mark 8.7
76 Grosse Pointe Blank Apr 11, 1997 Paul Spericki 8.3
73 The Pirates! Band of Misfits Apr 27, 2012 Black Bellamy 6.9
71 Edge of Tomorrow Jun 6, 2014 Col. Walter Marx 8.4
61 Runaway Jury Oct 17, 2003 Lawrence Green 5.3
57 Keeping Up with the Steins May 12, 2006 Adam Fiedler 5.3
56 The Kingdom Sep 28, 2007 Damon Schmidt 6.1
54 Old School Feb 21, 2003 Dean Gordon 'Cheese' Pritchard 7.4
53 RocknRolla Oct 8, 2008 Roman 7.7
52 Serendipity Oct 5, 2001 Dean Kansky 7.5
51 Love, Marilyn Nov 30, 2012 Himself 8.8
50 Two for the Money Oct 7, 2005 Jerry 3.8
49 Scary Movie 3 Oct 24, 2003 Ross Giggins 6.7
46 Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Aug 22, 2014 Cast / Bob 6.7
46 Kiss the Girls Oct 3, 1997 Henry Castillo, LAPD 6.1
46 Chasing Liberty Jan 9, 2004 Alan Weiss 6.4
45 Smokin' Aces Jan 26, 2007 Buddy Israel 6.0
42 The Family Man Dec 22, 2000 Arnie 7.0
39 The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard Aug 14, 2009 Don Ready 5.7
38 Angels Crest Dec 30, 2011 Cast 4.5
37 The Crew Aug 25, 2000 Det. Steve Menteer 7.0
37 Spy Kids: All the Time in the World Aug 19, 2011 Timekeeper 2.6
31 Very Bad Things Nov 25, 1998 Michael Berkow 5.1
26 I Melt with You Dec 9, 2011 Ron 8.4
tbd Entourage Jun 5, 2015 Ari Gold tbd