Jim Cornette

Biography: At June's Slammiversary Pay-Per-View event, Jim Cornette made his debut as TNA's new management director. TNA's top brass has put their trust in Cornette to hand out justice where he sees fit in the promotion. The outspoken Cornette wasted little time in getting to work and has already changed the face of TNA Wrestling.
Cornette is a veteran of the wrestling business, having served in a management role for every major promotion he's worked for. He is also regarded as one of the greatest managers ever to step foot in the ring, leading the legendary Midnight Express to multiple tag team titles.
Cornette is now serving as Management Director for TNA, and due to his controversial nature he has already gotten on the bad side of several TNA stars, notably Jeff Jarrett. Cornette has made it clear he wants stars that can wrestle great matches, draw for Pay-Per-Views and get good ratings and if no one can do that then he'll show you the door – and he won't hesitate in doing so!

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tbd WWE Pay-Per-View: Season 15 Jan 24, 1999 Himself tbd
tbd WWE Pay-Per-View: Season 14 Jan 18, 1998 Himself tbd
tbd WWE Pay-Per-View: Season 12 Jan 21, 1996 Himself tbd
tbd WWF Monday Night Raw: Season 4 Jan 1, 1996 Jim Cornette tbd
tbd WWE Pay-Per-View: Season 11 Jan 22, 1995 Himself tbd
tbd WWE Pay-Per-View: Season 10 Jan 22, 1994 Himself tbd
tbd WWE Pay-Per-View: Season 9 Jan 24, 1993 Himself tbd
tbd WCW Clash of the Champions: Season 1 Mar 27, 1988 Himself tbd