John Catucci

Biography: John is an actor, comedian, and singer from Canada whose well-known role includes Bus Driver Bob from The Doodlebops. He and David Mesiano perform as the Canadian comedy and music duo The Doo Wops, who won the Just for Laughs Homegrown Comic Competition in 2001, and have had tours all around the world from Australia to the United Kingdom. John also was a founding member of The Minnesota Wrecking Crew, which won the Canadian Comedy Award in 2003 and 2004.

John's projects also include the comedy show Punched Up which airs on The Comedy Network.

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tbd The Doodlebops: Season 3 Apr 9, 2007 Bus Driver Bob tbd
tbd The Doodlebops: Season 2 Mar 13, 2006 Bus Driver Bob tbd
tbd The Doodlebops: Season 1 Apr 11, 2005 Bus Driver Bob tbd