John Waters

Biography: John Waters was born April 22, 1946 in Baltimore, Maryland. According to John, from earliest memory, he was a bit obsessed with the unusual. Blood, gore and ghoulishness always fascinated him. On his path to the throne of 'king of weird', Waters combined comedic kitsch with garish and Pink Flamingos made in 1972, took off by 1973 and he began gathering his cult following.

John's first (short) film was actually "Hag In a Black Leather Jacket" back in 1964. It was about the wedding of a black man who carries a white ballerina around in a garbage can. A KKK member is recruited to perform the rooftop ceremony.

"Roman Candles" in 1966 was his next enterprise and the first one featuring Divine, the female impersonator who would later burst into flame fame in Waters' "Hairspray" in 1988. "Roman Candles" was shot on 8mm and never commercially released, which is just as well. Even for a John Waters film, it was a disjointed mishmash of sex, drugs, rock 'n roll and just plain

Waters hit the major leagues and somewhat mainstream with "Cry Baby" in 1990 which featured Johnny Depp.

Never taking either life or his films too seriously, John has appeared in cameos in movies you'd least expect. He was the (uncredited) voice of Ted Bundy in 1994's "Serial Mom" and the (uncredited) telephone pervert in 1998's "Pecker", among many other (often his own) films.

Now on the schedule as host of a series for Court TV, "Until Death Do Us Part", he continues his macabre calling in exploring actual murders committed by spouse's or 'significant others' who for one reason or another opt for the possibility of a death sentence rather than just hire a lawyer and make the other half pay…and pay…and….

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John Waters' Scores

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Average career score: 65
Highest Metascore: 81 Hairspray
Lowest Metascore: 35 Mansome
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 18
  2. Negative: 1 out of 18
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