Jun Song

Biography: Jun Song is an investment manager living in New York, NY. She is 27 years old. Her ex on BIG BROTHER 4 is Jee Choe.

Q&A (from CBS.com)

-Jun's motto: What goes around really does come right back around.
-Jun describes herself as: picky, affectionate, independent.
-Jun's personal hero: Christopher Reeve's wife, Dana. Now, she is a real woman!
-Reason why Jun applied for BIG BROTHER: All the attention AND a 1 in 13 chance at half a million
-Strengths Jun brings to BIG BROTHER: Her quick wit, wacky sense of humor and woman power.
-Weaknesses Jun brings to BIG BROTHER: Her self-centeredness, too-quick tongue and girliness.
-Comfort item Jun misses most: Her bed, pillows/sheets/dreams.
-News Jun misses most: Fashion, nightlife, gossip on who's doing who.
-Jun performs better in: Mental competitions.
-Jun plans to win BIG BROTHER by: Doing what she does best: charming the men and befriending the ladies.
-Her biggest fear: Being portrayed inaccurately or unfairly.

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tbd The Early Show: Season 4 Jun 24, 2004 Herself tbd
tbd The Early Show: Season 5 Jul 25, 2003 Herself tbd
tbd Big Brother: Season 4 Jul 8, 2003 bb4 Days 1 -82 (Winner!) 2.9
tbd The Early Show: Season 1 Nov 8, 1999 Herself tbd