Justin Giovinci

Biography: Headhunter Justin Giovinci, from Pittsburgh, PA, is Alison Irwin's 22 year-old ex on BIG BROTHER 4.

(Q&A from CBS.com)

-Justin's motto: Work hard, play hard.
-Justin describes himself as: Athletic, down-to-earth, disorganized.
-Justin's personal hero: His father
-He applied to be on BIG BROTHER because: It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and for $500,000.
-His strengths: social skills with both guys and girls.
-His weaknesses: Women get him in trouble.
-Comfort item he misses most: His own bed.
-News he misses most: Professional sports.
-Justin is better in: Physical competitions.
-Justin plans to win by: Being sincere and honest as possible, and always keeping focused on his goal.
-His biggest fear: Eating nasty things or PB&J for a week.

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tbd Big Brother: Season 4 Jul 8, 2003 bb4 Days 1-43 (6th Evicted) 2.9