Kevin Pereira

Biography: Kevin grew up in Antioch, California with his parents Elder and Barbara and brother Brian. He went to Deer Valley High where at the age of fourteen he launched a gaming, music and internet-culture related radio show using the RealAudio format. Kevin dubbed the project "Pointless Audio". He chose to host the show under the pseudonym Captain Immy. "Pointless Audio" featured many prank calls and was hosted on such gaming sites as PlanetQuake and ShugaShack (now ShackNews). It would quickly garner a large online following and later evolved into Pointless TV.

Kevin "Captain Immy" Pereira's interest in all things "geek" continued and he soon began creating short films for his high school video productions One of his projects featured on his now defunct comedy site,, earned him three California Media Festival awards and allowed him to gain a full grant to the Academy of Arts College in San Francisco, California. While there he studied film and television
production for three and a half months. After having worked at an ISP as a network administrator for five years and a county-wide government television network, he decided to pursue a career at G4. Kevin hoped to become a writer but started as a lowly personal assistant for The television executives soon recognized his talent and Kevin ended up co-hosting some of G4's most popular shows including "Arena" and "Pulse". When G4 merged with TechTV, they fired many of the original employees (there were also many contract disputes), however Kevin Pereira remained safe. He was soon to host one of G4's most popular shows, "Attack of the Show" (formerly "The Screen Savers") Expand

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tbd Attack of the Show!: Season 3 Jan 2, 2007 Host tbd
tbd Attack of the Show!: Season 2 Jan 5, 2006 Host tbd
tbd Attack of the Show!: Season 1 Mar 28, 2005 Co-Host / Host 10