Kristopher Turner

Biography: Kristopher Turner was born in Winnipeg Canada on September 27, 1980. Kristopher realized he loved acting very early in his life, starting when he earned a part in his High School's performance, "A Midsummer's Night Dream". While growing up, Kristopher attended the University of Winnipeg. While there, Kristopher performed in many productions and studied theater. He started his career by appearing on the TV show 2030CE . Kristopher has been in the movies "Everybody's Doing it" and "The Brotherhood 3". Kristopher currently lives in Toronto. After Kristopher was in a few movies, he decided to do more theater. He then got a part in a Winnipeg production called "Athol Fugard's Master Harold... and the Boys". Kristopher is well known for playing the character Jamie Andrews on the TV show Instant Star.

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