Letitia Dean

Biography: First Appearance: 19.02.85
Height: 5ft 3in
Eye colour: Green
Spouse: Jason Pethers
Parents: Leslie & Ellie Dean
Siblings: Stephen J Dean, Martin Dean
Pets: A Basset Hound
Smokes: Silk Cut
Quotes: "I'm not a 8, I'd love to be but never will be. I just try to be healthy and focus on that instead. You don't have to be skinny to be attractive."

"I always knew I'd come into my own in my 30s. I found my 20s a bit perplexing because it's that transition between being a teenager and an adult and you're still trying to find yourself. This decade is a good age for a woman."

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Title: Year: Credit: User score:
tbd Strictly Come Dancing: Season 5 Oct 6, 2007 Series 5 - Celebrity Dancer tbd
tbd EastEnders: Season 20 Jan 3, 2005 Sharon Watts (1985-1995) (2001-2004) tbd
tbd Strictly Come Dancing: Season 1 May 15, 2004 Series 5 - Celebrity Dancer 9.0
tbd EastEnders: Season 19 Jan 1, 2004 Sharon Watts (1985-1995) (2001-2004) tbd
tbd EastEnders: Season 18 Sep 1, 2003 Sharon Watts (1985-1995) (2001-2004) tbd
tbd EastEnders: Season 1 Feb 19, 1985 Sharon Watts (1985-1995) (2001-2004) (2005-2006) 6.3