Lindsay Lohan

Biography: On July 2, 1986, Lindsay Dee Lohan (before she changed her middle name to Morgan)was born in New York, New York to parents Michael and Dina Lohan. At the early age of three years, Lindsay was spotted by an agent of the Ford Modeling Agency where she signed on to be their first red-headed child model. She was on her way to stardom. As a child model, she mostly did print ads based around her hometown in Long Island and New York City. The longest journeys always begin with smallest steps. As Lindsay got older she began to broaden her range by doing television commercials. Her face graced the small screen in commercials for some very recognizable companies such as The Gap, Wendy's, and along side Bill Cosby in a Jello commercial. Slowly but surely the world was getting to know her.

Then along came the role of Alexandra (Alli) Fowler on the daytime soap, Another World. This was her first exposure to acting, and she loved it. The role also showcased her talent nationwide and
allowed more and more people to appreciate her abilities. Lindsay spent seven months (December 1996 through July 1997) as Alli, performing a few days a week while going to school. As she mastered the acting trade, Lindsay knew that she was ready for bigger and better roles. Disney, the name is synonymous with traditional family entertainment. They were looking for someone to fill the rather large shoes of Heyley Mills in a remake of the children's c The Parent Trap. She sent in her head shot. Waited. She auditioned. Waited. Got the call back. Auditioned, along with seven other girls, once more for the director. Then came the phone call, which would change her life. She got the part. Not just a role, but the role of the seperated from birth twins, Annie James and Hallie Parker. Among such acting heavyweights, Dennis Quaid and Natascha Richardson, Lindsay honed her talent. She displayed her abilities each day on the set amazing her costars almost constantly. And she loved it. July 29, 1998 The Parent Trap opens nationwide and earns Lindsay raves. Her star was now shining brightly, yet she chose to be a little girl. Skipping out on the role of Penny in Inspector Gadget, Lindsay goes home to be a regular girl. She does a few modeling shoots for Calvin Klien, Abercrombie & Fitch, and DKNY, but still goes to school and hangs with her friends. During the summer of 2000 Lindsay stared in another Disney film entitled "Life ". Although it was a smaller role, she still enthralled her fans who anticipated seeing her in that role.

Later, Lindsay got to star on the television series "Bette". Her role was playing Bette Midler's daughter, Rose. Lindsay's fans anticipated her to charm the rest of the world, but unfortunately the show was to be filmed in Los Angeles, California and she could not make it and go to school at the same time. So sadly Lindsay chose to back out of the role. Although a setback in her career, she still bounced back and amazed us in later years. Two years after filming "Life ", in 2002, Lindsay landed another role in a Disney movie. Lindsay got the part of Lexy Golding in the Disney television movie "Get A Clue". After five years of being away from the large screen Lindsay was ready to return. This time in 2003 Lindsay was going to be staring along side veteran actress, Jamie-Lee Curtis in Disney's movie "Freak Friday". When the movie was released her fans were overwhelmed and the ratings at the box office were sky high. Now a year later Lindsay will star as a teenage drama queen in the movie "Confessions of a Teenage Drama-Queen". In the movie Lindsay portrays a teenager with a open mind and a big dream. Her dream is to become performer and throughout the movie her character gets her chance to become a famous and live out her dream. Lindsay also stars in "Mean Girls". In the movie she plays Cady Heron, who just moved to america from Africa where she was home schooled. She goes to this school where she becomes friends with an A-list girl clique called the plastics. She is a hit with them until she falls for Aaron Samuels, the ex-boyfriend of lead Plastic Regina George. She decides she must conquer the Plastics, and take them down. With all of this work and such stort amounts of time, Lindsay has little time to enjoy being a teenager. But, when she does get free time, Lindsay enjoys going to parties with Paris Hilton. She lives with Disney Channel Star Raven-Symone in LA, while her family is in New York.

Is the neice of Saturday Night Live's Tina Fey

Lindsay Lohan's Scores

Average career score: 43
Highest Metascore: 75 A Prairie Home Companion
Lowest Metascore: 1 InAPPropriate Comedy
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 15
  2. Negative: 7 out of 15
15 movie reviews
Title: Year: Credit: User score:
36 The Canyons Aug 2, 2013 Co-Producer / Tara / Tara 5.5
11 Scary Movie 5 Apr 12, 2013 Cast / Heather Daltry / Herself / Herself / Lindsay Lohan 2.5
1 InAPPropriate Comedy Mar 22, 2013 Marilyn / Herself / Marilyn 2.8
51 Love, Marilyn Nov 30, 2012 Cast / Herself 8.8
60 Machete Sep 3, 2010 April / April Benz / April Booth 6.7
32 Chapter 27 Mar 28, 2008 Jude 6.0
25 Georgia Rule May 11, 2007 Rachel Wilcox 5.7
54 Bobby Nov 17, 2006 Diane 6.3
75 A Prairie Home Companion Jun 9, 2006 Lola Johnson 6.4
29 Just My Luck May 12, 2006 Ashley Albright 6.4
47 Herbie Fully Loaded Jun 22, 2005 Maggie Peyton 4.7
66 Mean Girls Apr 30, 2004 Cady Heron 7.9
33 Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen Feb 20, 2004 Mary Elizabeth Cep/Lola 4.9
70 Freaky Friday Aug 6, 2003 Anna Coleman 7.5
64 The Parent Trap Jul 29, 1998 Hallie Parker/Annie James 7.8