Lucy Deakins

Biography: Enrolled in Harvard University in 1988, and graduated in 1994 with a degree in comparative religion. She took time off for acting jobs and to backpack across Europe.

While living in Port Townsend, WA, she enrolled in boatbuilding school, worked as an EMT, and signed up as a firefighter with the town's Fire Academy.

She and her husband, J.J. Arnold where married in 1999. Daughter, Mason, born February 2000.

In January 2002, she and her husband plan to move to NYC so they can be closer to the art world (he is a painter and sculptor).

Worked as a wildland firefighter for the National Forest Service in 1998.

Moved to Denver in 1999, where she worked as a paralegal.

Mother, Alice, is a professor at William Paterson University in NJ.

Brother, Ned, fights forest fires with AmeriCorps in Denver.

Sister, Catherine, is a photo researcher for YM magazine.

Father, Roger, is a retired NYU professor.