Mark Copani

Biography: He just wanted respect but that didn't happen. Mark Copani, in WWE called Muhhammed Hassan, expressed his way about how Arab-Americans were being treated in America. He called the US troops cowards. He has expressed it on Mick Foley, and recent, Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler, the commentators of WWE Raw. In an episode of RAW, JR and the King had a debate with Hassan and Davari. King and JR told them to like America or leave it. This made Hassan go brutal as he even used his belt to choke the life out of JR! At New Year's Revolution, Davari made interference on Hassan's match with Jerry Lawler, giving Hassan the win. Who knows what he might say next that can push the superstars over?
Hassan went to Smackdown in the draft lottery 2005 but he had some character confusions and complaints so Mark and the WWE decided to go their separate ways, as mark decided to start in doing some movies.

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tbd WWE Pay-Per-View: Season 21 Jan 9, 2005 Muhammed Hassan tbd
tbd WWE Friday Night SmackDown!: Season 7 Jan 6, 2005 Muhammad Hussan 8.0
tbd WWE Monday Night RAW: Season 13 Jan 3, 2005 Muhammad Hussan 9.0
tbd WWE Monday Night RAW: Season 12 Jan 5, 2004 Muhammad Hassan 9.0