Maura West

Biography: A graduate of Boston University's School of Fine Arts, Maura is best known for her role as Carly Tenney on As the World Turns. She joined in 1995 with a three year contract, but left at the height of her character's popularity in 1996 to be with her newborn son, Benjamin, son of then-husband, director Jonathan Knight (1995-1999). She was worried that this would hurt her career and her chances of regaining her character's popularity, but when she returned in 1997, she was just as popular as ever. Raised in Ludlow, MA, the actress has three older siblings (2 brothers, 1 sister). She fell in love with co-star Scott DeFreitas while working with him on As the World Turns, and the two married on 22 January 2000, and have four children: Joseph Peter (29 March 2000), Katherine Marie (9 January 2002), Basil John (31 January 2007) and Birdie West DeFreitas (16 June 2009).

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Average career score: 31
Highest Metascore: 31 Come Back to Me
Lowest Metascore: 31 Come Back to Me
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31 Come Back to Me Jul 25, 2014 Eileen tbd