Mila Kunis

Biography: Mila and her family immigrated to the United States from Ukraine when she was seven years old. Her father, Mark, is a mechanical engineer; her mother, Elvira, is a physics teacher and her brother, Mike, is a biochemist. She attended Bancroft Middle School in Long Beach, CA and graduated from Fairfax Senior High School in Los Angeles, CA in June 2001. She had missed her senior prom due to a scheduling conflict. She attributed her ability to learn English at a young age by watching The Price Is Right with Bob Barker. She said that he spoke English slowly enough for her to follow and to pick it up. Her father enrolled her in the Beverly Hills Studios in an after-school acting when she was nine. It was there that she met her manager, Susan Curtis, after one of the Studio's public showcases. She started her acting career by performing in commercials, by making guest appearances on shows like The John Larroquette Show and Baywatch as well as a movie, Make A Wish, Molly in 1995.

She went on to audition for That 70's Show at the age of 14 in 1998. She secured the role of "Jackie Burkhart" until the show ended in 2006. She currently voices "Meg Griffin" in the animated series Family Guy. She is actually the second person to provide a voice for Meg. She began in the second season of the show. She has since gone on to make several movies and continues to do occasional voice work on Robot Chicken for her friend and Family Guy co-star, Seth Green.

Mila Kunis' Scores

Average career score: 63
Highest Metascore: 64 That '70s Show: Season 1
Lowest Metascore: 63 Family Guy: Season 4
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 2
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 2
  3. Negative: 0 out of 2
2 tv reviews
Title: Year: Credit: User score:
tbd That '70s Show: Season 7 Sep 8, 2004 Jackie Beulah Burkhart 8.6
64 That '70s Show: Season 1 Aug 23, 1998 Jackie Beulah Burkhart 8.3
tbd That '70s Show: Season 6 Oct 29, 2003 Jackie Beulah Burkhart 8.2
tbd That '70s Show: Season 4 Sep 25, 2001 Jackie Beulah Burkhart 8.1
tbd That '70s Show: Season 2 Sep 28, 1999 Jackie Beulah Burkhart 8.0
tbd That '70s Show: Season 5 Sep 17, 2002 Jackie Burkhart 7.9
tbd That '70s Show: Season 3 Oct 3, 2000 Jackie Beulah Burkhart 7.8
tbd Robot Chicken: Season 1 Feb 20, 2005 Alien 7.8
63 Family Guy: Season 4 May 1, 2005 Meg (Season 2+) 7.3
tbd Family Guy: Season 2 Sep 23, 1999 Meg (Season 2+) 7.2
tbd Family Guy: Season 3 Jul 11, 2001 Meg (Season 2+) 7.2
tbd Family Guy: Season 5 Sep 10, 2006 Meg (Season 2+) 7.1
tbd Family Guy: Season 6 Sep 23, 2007 Meg (Season 2+) 6.9
tbd That '70s Show: Season 8 Nov 2, 2005 Jackie Beulah Burkhart 5.3
tbd Robot Chicken: Season 2 Apr 2, 2006 Various 4.0