Misti Traya

Biography: Misti Traya wasted a perfefctly good liberal arts education from Sarah Lawrence College and became an actress when she discovered that working on a movie set fetching coffee and making copies wasn't going to keep her in shoes.

In January 2005, she crossed over from behind the camera and stayed there for six episodes of "Joan of Arcadia," another half dozen of the upcoming Showtime series "Huff," and is now pleased and flabbergasted to find herself under the tutelage and portraying the daughter of Fran Drescher on Jamie Kennedy's "Shacking Up."

Born in Hawaii, raised in L.A., and a realist at heart, she knows if all fails she makes a mean latte and can coalate like a demon.

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Average career score: 17
Highest Metascore: 17 Material Girls
Lowest Metascore: 17 Material Girls
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17 Material Girls Aug 18, 2006 Martinique 4.3