Molly Culver

Biography: Molly has an older sister and two brothers, and grew up a tomboy.
Mollys father is a dentist and her mother is a nurse.
Her grandmother is a full-blooded Native American--Choctaw and Chicksaw.
Two years into college Mollys agent told her she could be a model. Soon after she found herself in Australia for six months, landingon the covers of magazines.
Molly never whent to the prom, and never got asked out in high school.
for the next five years she modeled but feeling unfulfilled she moved into acting.

The sexy quater American-Indian Molly Culver was born and raised on Californias North Bay Area. She is Her break-through role came in the TV series V.I.P where she plays the beautiful bodyguard Tasha Dexter, along side Pamela Anderson. Her movie debut was in the action-adverture packed Warrior Angels (2002), wher she plays the role of Hunter, along side Charlotte Avery and Nick Brading. Off screen, Molly is an avid baker.

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tbd I Love the 70s: Volume 2: Season 1 Jul 10, 2006 Herself tbd
tbd I Love the ‘80s: 3D: Season 1 Oct 24, 2005 Herself tbd
tbd I Love the 90's Part Deux: Season 1 Jan 17, 2004 Herself tbd
tbd V.I.P.: Season 4 Sep 22, 2001 Tasha Dexter tbd
tbd V.I.P.: Season 3 Oct 7, 2000 Tasha Dexter tbd
tbd V.I.P.: Season 2 Sep 25, 1999 Tasha Dexter tbd
tbd V.I.P.: Season 1 Sep 26, 1998 Tasha Dexter tbd