Naomi Shindoh

Biography: Naomi is a voice actress for Aoni Production. Her most noteable roles are Cagalli Yula Athha in the Mobile Suit Gundam Seed series, Hokuto Kusanagi in GEAR Fighter Dendoh, Heppokomaru in Bobobo-bo-Bo-bobo, Noike Jurai in the latest Tenchi Muyo OAV3, and Shi-zuru in the Mai HiME and Mai Otome series.

Naomi has also done voiceovers for television, drama CD’s, and computer console games.

Naomi Shindoh's Scores

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Title: Year: Credit: User score:
tbd Valkyria Chronicles: Season 1 Apr 5, 2009 Irene Ellet 6.7
tbd Kanokon: Season 1 Apr 5, 2008 Tamamo 6.0
tbd Dennou Coil: Season 1 May 12, 2007 Aiko 5.0
tbd Bokurano: Season 1 Apr 9, 2007 Misumi Tanaka 9.5
tbd Mai-Otome: Season 1 Oct 6, 2005 Shizuru Viola [J] tbd
tbd Sonic X: Season 1 Aug 23, 2003 Danny, Lindsay (JAPANESE VOICE) 8.4