Natasha Lyonne

Biography: With her wild curls, gawky build, and street smart attitude, Natasha Lyonne presents a refreshing departure from the many blow-dried, plasticized young actors of her generation. Since appearing in Woody Allen's Everyone Says I Love You in 1996, Lyonne has consistently wowed critics with her intelligent, no-nonsense portrayals of teenage girls who are anything but typical.

Born into a conservative Jewish family on April 4, 1979 in New York City, Natasha spent her childhood in New York and Israel. She broke into showbusiness early with her role as Opal on Pee-Wee's Playhouse (1986). Her first film of any import (aside from Heartburn (1986), in which she had an uncredited role) was 1993's Dennis the Menace. It was her next film, Everyone Says I Love You, that won Lyonne initial recognition. Critics praised her portrayal of Woody Allen's daughter, praise that was magnified with her role in Tamara Jenkins' The Slums of Beverly Hills (1998). The film won almost unanimous critical
praise, as did Natasha's endearingly jaded portrayal of Vivian Abramowitz. The success of Slums was inversely proportional to that of Natasha's next film, Krippendorf's Tribe, which also starred Richard Dreyfuss and Jenna Elfman. However, the disappointment of that movie was more than made up for by Natasha's following project, the very successful American Pie. As the wise and weary Jessica, Natasha, in the minds of many critics, stole the show with her all-too limited appearance.

Fortunately, thanks to both the film's success and her consistently solid performances, it was virtually ensured that critics and audiences alike would be able to see a great deal more of her, though her roles in the sequels American Pie 2 and Scary Movie 2 amounted to little more than glorofied cameos, almost unrecognizably so in the case of the latter. However, most critics praised her for her role in Scary Movie 2, dubbing it "The only decent part in the film." Her public recognition has not ended there, and the same goes for her popularity.

Natasha Lyonne's Scores

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Average career score: 44
Highest Metascore: 69 Slums of Beverly Hills
Lowest Metascore: 29 Scary Movie 2
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 17
  2. Negative: 8 out of 17
17 movie reviews
Title: Year: Credit: User score:
tbd The Quitter Sep 12, 2014 Gloria tbd
tbd Clutter May 2, 2014 Lisa Bradford 5.0
56 G.B.F. Jan 17, 2014 Ms. Hoegel 7.9
38 Girl Most Likely Jul 19, 2013 Allyson 7.2
32 The Rambler Jun 7, 2013 Cheryl 9.0
49 American Reunion Apr 6, 2012 Jessica 6.9
54 4:44 Last Day on Earth Mar 23, 2012 Tina / Tina 4.6
tbd America Brown Oct 28, 2005 Vera 5.0
38 Blade: Trinity Dec 8, 2004 Sommerfield 3.9
54 Die, Mommie, Die! Oct 31, 2003 Edith Sussman 5.3
36 Party Monster Sep 5, 2003 Brooke 7.3
58 ZigZag Jun 14, 2002 Jenna The Working Girl 6.0
32 Night at the Golden Eagle Apr 26, 2002 Amber 5.0
44 Kate & Leopold Dec 21, 2001 Darci 8.3
43 American Pie 2 Aug 10, 2001 Jessica 6.7
29 Scary Movie 2 Jul 4, 2001 Megan 5.8
39 But I'm a Cheerleader Jul 7, 2000 Megan 8.6
33 Detroit Rock City Aug 13, 1999 Christine 8.0
58 American Pie Jul 9, 1999 Jessica 5.7
69 Slums of Beverly Hills Aug 14, 1998 Vivian Abromowitz 6.5