Nelson Frazier

Biography: Nelson Frazier Junior also known by his ring name of Viscera is an American professional wrestler. He currently preforms on World Wrestling Entertainment's ECW brand. He is known for his very distinct appearance. He wore a black, body-length bodysuit He also had a bleach-blonde mohawk haircut and demonic facial expressions. In the summer of 2005 Viscera changed his gimmick. He now is known as "The World's Largest Love Machine" & wears silk pajamas to the ring. He also actively began losing weight recently. Viscera is still a very large man but now looks lighter than in the past. He used to be well over 500 pounds. He then changed his gimmick again on July 12th 2007, he is now known as Big Daddy V. Frazier was released from his WWE contract on August 8, 2008. And is now working for National Wrestling Alliance. Under the ring name King V and has recently. Filmed a movie called The Legend of Awesomest Maximus. His character in the film is named Ginormous.

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tbd WWE Monday Night RAW: Season 11 Jan 6, 2003 Viscera tbd
tbd WWE Monday Night RAW: Season 10 Jan 7, 2002 Viscera tbd
tbd WWE Jakked: Season 1 Sep 4, 1999 Viscera tbd
tbd WWE Friday Night SmackDown!: Season 1 Apr 29, 1999 Viscera 7.5
tbd WWE Monday Night RAW: Season 3 Jan 2, 1995 Viscera tbd
tbd WWE Monday Night RAW: Season 1 Jan 11, 1993 Viscera 8.1
tbd WWE Pay-Per-View: Season 1 Nov 7, 1985 King Mabel 5.0