Paul Rugg

Biography: Paul Rugg began his career in show business as a writer for local radio shows. He broadened his base when he joined the ACME Comedy Group, writing and performing comedy sketches throughout Southern California. While with ACME, Rugg was asked to join the writing staff for the hit animated series "Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs." He later became not only a Supervising Story Editor on the show, but also a resident voice actor, portraying such roles as Mr. Director, Albert Einstein, Mrs. Mumphries and others.

Rugg, one of the story editors and writers of "Steven Spielberg Presents Freakazoid!," also performs the voice of our superhero Freakazoid. In quite an unusual circumstance, after auditioning literally hundreds of talented voice-over artists, Steven Spielberg, along with other members of the creative team on the series, decided that Rugg was the most capable person to perform Freakazoid.

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Highest Metascore: 42 Xiaolin Showdown
Lowest Metascore: 42 Xiaolin Showdown
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42 Xiaolin Showdown (PS2) Nov 14, 2006 Dojo / Dojo 6.6